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It dries, styles and strengthens your strands - all at once and it only took 642 prototypes. Dyson's new Airwrap tool is set to breathe a new lease of life into hair styling. 

Oh and a mere 230 engineers and scientists too. 

Harnessing the power of – you guessed it – air, the brains at Dyson have spent six years researching the current tools on the market to solve the three most common problems we come across when using them: tangled hair, temperature damage and weak air flow.

So, 642 prototypes later, they've solved all three issue and came up with the Airwrap, only their second launch since the Internet-breaking (yet purse-emptying) Supersonic hair dryer. Relying on air, rather than extreme heat, and powered by Dyson’s V9 motor, it dries hair via a phenomenon called the Coanda effect, which gets the hair to latch onto the curler. 

The videos are almost logic defying.

But the science of it all goes something like this - The V9 motor (that runs at 110,000 rpm's) spins to create an area of high pressure at the top of the styling barrel. A high velocity jet of air disperses out of six air slots around the barrel and and the difference in air pressure generates the physical phenomenon, known as the Coanda effect, which pulls in the hair to let it wrap around the barrel to style. 

The best part hough, is that the Airwrap does the work itself – all you need to do is hold the tool and air literally does the rest. Depending on the style you're after, the Coanda effect can be harnessed to add volume to fine hair, to add bounce to straight hair, to smoothen frizz, to curl, and air dry the as normal. 

Intended to be used on damp hair, the Airwrap never goes over 150 degrees celsius   unlike most other styling tools on the market and for that reason, really does limit the damage caused to hair.

Priced at €500 for the Complete set (30mm Airwrap™ barrels, 40mm Airwrap™ barrels, Firm smoothing brush, Soft smoothing brush, Round volumising brush, and Pre-styling dryer), it's not cheap but then again, what industry game-changers ever are? 

We're sold! 

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