The street wear savant delivers a grown-up, work appropriate take on Downtown dressing.

Chinese-American designer Alexander Wang is best known as the outfitter of models off duty; over the years, his signature urban street-meets-grunge aesthetic has catapulted him to international success.

Earlier this year, Wang made the decision to showcase his wares outside the typical NYFW show schedule. Instead of the traditional outings alongside other New York-based designers, Wang now opts to preview his collections biannually (Collection 1 i.e. Spring Summer in June, and Collection 2 i.e. Fall in December.)

It's one way to get the fashion world's undivided attention, I guess. For this weekend's spectacle, Wang took over the former Williamsburg Savings Bank in Brooklyn. It was quite a fitting background; there was a distinct vibe of powerful, but cool, Downtown city slickers doing their 9-to-5 thing. Although let's be real, this is New York and the notion of 'work' doesn't ever end at such a time.

Wang's army portrayed this, with their athleisure staples hidden underneath their business-appropriate overcoats, posh tweed twinsets juxtaposed with edgy leather skirts, silk lingerie slips over Wall Street-ready shirts, and garment bags carried over model's shoulders as they rushed down the runway.

As is to be expected with Wang, it was all very wearable. In fact, one wouldn't have batted an eyelid if the models traipsed right off the catwalk and into the street in masculine, oversized blazers and sheer tights with the letter W stamped into their hair - after all, his fan base is just that strong.

Wangmania, which seemed to lull for some seasons past, is sure to be reignited after this exhibition. Mark our words, this won't be the last you see of the following: 

W Belts

Futuristic Specs

PVC Over-The-Knee Boots

Mesh Neck Scarves

Day Glo Check Coats

All images via Instagram

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