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You Have Less Than 6 Hours To Shop This Exclusive Influencer Approved Clothing Line

Run, don't walk.

While Amazon is the first place way we go when it comes to getting our hands on cult beauty products for half price (thank you lightning deals), who we ask to find out the weather without stepping outside (hey Alexa) and how we binged Homecomingit's never been the top of our list for hot fashion finds. 

Anyone who has ever tried to shop for clothes, shoes or accessories on Amazon knows that it isn't always easy. There are insider tricks of course but searching through thousands of items can be a burdensome task. 

But that doesn’t mean Amazon isn’t a powerhouse for sartorial sales. As traditional department stores have declined, Amazon has become one of the most popular clothing retailers in the US, especially among millennials. And if their latest move is anything to go by, it looks like Amazon is set to soar in popularity. 

Introducing The Drop, a limited-edition shopping experience that's sure to make buying the latest trends and wardrobe staples even easier than before. Here's how it works: once you've signed up for text alerts, Amazon will inform you when each new collection drops. Then, you'll have 30 hours - I repeat, THIRTY HOURS - to shop The Drop's Instagram-style-inspired capsules via the Amazon App or mobile browser before they disappear...forever. 

And that's not even the most exciting part. Each 'drop' will be curated by some of the fashion industry's top influencers. Previous collections have been launched with LA-based influencer Paolo Alberdi, Sierra Furtado and Patricia Bright but today's collection has been designed by The Fashion Guitar blogger herself, Charlotte Groeneveld.

Known for her effortless style that typically consists of simple, comfortable pieces paired with statement accessories or shoes, Groeneveld put together a 14-piece collection that includes styles that were seemingly inspired by this year's prairie/victorian trend, including a mint green puff-sleeve floor-length gown, a white, high-neck bib mini dress that features a ruffle hem and fuschia pink high-waisted flared pants.

But it's not all romantic dresses and statement pants, though. The collection also features bubble gum pink cycling shorts, Princess Di inspired jumpers and more. 

The entire collection is live now, but you've just got under 6 hours to shop - so what are you waiting for? Go, go, go. 

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