Amazon's new app aims to eliminate the only downside to online shopping. 

Online retail giant Amazon is in the midst of creating a fashion app which would see virtual models be created from a series of photographs to allow prospective customers to 'try' before buying. 

According to The Telegraph, the app would use selfies and social media photographs to produce an Augmented Reality image of the customer wearing the selected clothes, potentially eliminating the need to visit a shop’s changing room.

On the back of announcing the potentially revolutionary new development, Amazon has lodged a UK patent to source selfies and online calendars to predict clothes a person may like or need.

It's understood that the fashion app's algorithm would analyse personal data such as photographs, upcoming appointments, the climate they live in and how they spend free time to establish a person's job, adding such factors to their virtual outfit choices. 

The patent – which is currently in its early stages – is rumoured to have a Tinder-like swiping mechanism, in which you can swipe in different directions to 'try on' different garments.