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ASOS Just Made A Major Change To Its Website To Make Sustainable Shopping Easier

Shop sustainably

There's no excuse. 

If 2019 is to be remembered for anything, it'd be sustainability. 

We’re living more consciously than ever before, adopting a more eco-friendly attitude towards our beauty routines, shopping habits and day-to-day lives. From learning how to recycle beauty products to opting for eco-conscious footwear and the rise of sustainable influencers, we're collectively making an effort to switch to more sustainable practices. 

And it's not just us, as more and more brands are starting to do their bit, too. The Bod Shop reintroduced the Return, Recycle, Repeat scheme to reduce plastic waste, Supervalu became the first Irish supermarket to launch compostable shopping bags while just recently H&M banned the use of Brazilian leather in their collections to support the Amazon Fires. 

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Now, fashion giant, ASOS has introduced a feature which allows customers to make more eco-friendly choices. The new ‘responsible’ filter can be applied to your search – just like the usual price, style and size filters – and the results will bring up items that have been made sustainably. The new filter focuses on all of ASOS’ sustainable or recycled products, from own label ASOS Design and ASOS WHITE, to much-loved brands including & Other Stories and Monki. 

There are two ways you can find the edit. Firstly, you can use the search toolbar and type in ‘Responsible Edit’ to be presented with (when we last checked) a massive 10,381 fashion, lifestyle and accessories that are either recycled or made from more sustainable and environmentally friendly materials.

Or, you can find the new super-easy filter feature online or on the app when browsing. Along with the usual filters of brand, size, colour etc. there’s now a ‘responsible’ drop-down menu where you can select what eco-friendly section you’re looking for.

Suddenly, those daily ASOS scrolls don't feel so guilty. 

Main image by @chelsiekellog on Instagram

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