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That Gingham Trench Coat That's Been All Over Your Instagram? We've Tracked It Down

Race you to the checkout.

Winter coat – sorted. 

Last week, I read a pretty interesting article on what a CV needs to stand out, according to a Twitter HR Senior in which Anne Kiely remarked on how working in HR for 20 years has led her to see conveyor of the same default CVs. Feeling inspired, I revisited my CV which I hadn't updated since my Careers Guidance class in college and there was one section in particular that left me stumped...skills. Sure, I have the standard list consisting of knowing how to file, the ability to type and use Adobe Photoshop but none of these seemed groundbreaking or in any way interesting. 

Some can speak a different language, others can bake - but me? Well, I have a skill that by no means makes me anymore employable but a skill none the less!  I can almost instantly track down any given item of clothing on Instagram and find out where to buy it.

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My most recent accomplishments were discovering the fashion brand that every fashion 'it' girl owns at least three dresses and a wrap skirt from. There was also discovering the new Zara dress before it arrived on Irish shores. Before that, it was the Coupe Lace Midi Dress from Topshop and only recently, it was the high street dupe for Prada's headband

Although I don't have a job interview where I need display these skills, I do have yet another case to crack. This time, however, the mystery lies in a distinctive and refreshingly different winter coat. 

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Don’t play in the road kids

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My latest discovery isn't by a high-end designer that you could only ever dream of owning, but rather a high-street e-tailer who you've almost definitely already got your banking and delivery details saved with. And who doesn't love a speedy checkout?

The one in question is €103.69, but that hasn’t stopped it selling out faster than a One Direction reunion tour. In fact, it has been worn by so many people I'm honestly shocked it hasn't sold out already. 

Trench Coat With Check Spiraling, €103.69, ASOS

This is the one that's been all over your feed - and it's easy to see why. Oversized in a flattering-not-drowning kind of a way, it has statement buttons and a belted tie waist for that extra cinch that certain outfits require. But, of course, it's the spliced, panelled check to the front and back that really steals the show.

It comes in sizes 4 to 30 and although it’s slightly on the pricey side than a typical Instagram find, I'm pretty sure you'll wear it so many ways that it'll be more than worth the splurge.

Curve Trench Coat With Check Spiraling, €103.69, ASOS

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