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Big-Boobed Girls Swear By This €11 ASOS Triangle Bra

And, it's recycled.

Few clothing items are as entwined with the evolution of fashion and the cultural status of women as the bra.

From its functional past to its fashionable present, the bra has shifted from a piece that is meant to remain hidden to one that women now layer more openly and purposefully into their looks. The needs of women have evolved and they have always needed their bras to keep up.

Today, new innovations from long-standing intimate apparel brands allow women to take on their days without ever being overshadowed by their undergarments. 

Enter, ASOS's Fuller Bust recycled microfibre triangle bra.

The piece, made of recycled materials, is by ASOS DESIGN and features triangle cups and adjustable straps with a hook-and-eye closure on the back. The best bit? It costs only €11.

The recycled undergarment is part of the brand's responsible edit and comes in sizes 8-18 as well as 'Fuller Bust' sizes 30DD - 38HH and 'Curve' sizes 40C - 44HH. You can get the bra in black, white, tonal beige, tonal rust, tonal golden and tonal chestnut.

For maximum efficiency, three packs of bra exist in black, white and tonal beige. However, with lots of sizes selling out fast, one would need to hop to it to secure maximum comfort. 

Main image by ASOS

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