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These Five Wardrobe Staples Will Keep You Stylish All Year Round

Shopping, but better!

Investment piece shopping: having your cake and eating it? 

Although Ireland’s unpredictable weather is far from desired at the best times, and being able to adapt to extreme heat from below freezing temperatures along with three outfit changes in two hours is hardly a strength you can add to your CV, there is a streak of positivity in all of this. 

Being outfit-prepared for all types of weather without sacrificing personal style allows for savvy wardrobe creation and space for staple, multi-use pieces that can be taken throughout the seasons and years.

Given fashion’s involvement in climate crime, shopping sustainably is an inevitable action we must adopt moving forward. 

Aside from the environmental damage caused by consumption culture, a once-off trend piece isn’t the wisest financial decision either.

Wearing a piece one time and condemning it to a lonely, dusty life at the back of the closet seems rather pointless - clothes are meant to be worn...several times! I doubt a business model made it off the ground if its objective was to produce one-wear clothing. 

If you are a bit unsure where to start sourcing your timeless classics, curated below are a couple of options to give your wardrobe staples a good base. 

The Classic White Shirt

Shirt, €490, LOEWE

White tailoring, like a blank canvas, gives you full creative control to build an outfit in many ways while keeping it sophisticated. Worn oversized, or tucked in to accentuate, you are an official style queen with a crisp white shirt. 

The Floral Dress 

Dress, €238.69 Reformation

Florals for spring may not be groundbreaking, but transitioning them across all seasons for endless flirty and feminine outfits is a win-win. Switch up your layering in winter for a cosy knit matched with boots or an old-reliable denim jacket in warmer months. 

The Check Blazer

Blazer,€110, M&S

A blazer with a subtle print adds texture and heightens an outfit, meaning you can keep it plain when styling and let the blazer do the talking. A match made in heaven for that minimal effort, ‘I'm extremely late, but I'm good' look. 

The Trainer

Trainer, €125, Veja

Probably one of the best investment pieces that can truly be paired with anything - and are high fashion, workwear acceptable. With trainers, walking to work could be your new healthy habit, and having the option to pick up a stylish, sustainable pair means extra gold stars for you. 

The Leather Trouser 

Trouser, €29.95, Zara

Fashion tends to repeat itself - I’m currently mourning a pair of leather shorts I disposed of years ago, silly me.

Trend habits are amazing fundamentals to build your wardrobe from and forever keeping in style. Whenever you feel like adding some edge to your look, leather is always a good idea.

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