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Hate It Or Love It: Bandanas Are Making A Comeback

It might just look like a swath of fabric to some, but to others, it communicates next-level summer vibes

We blame Faithfull The Brand entirely... 

Just when we thought we had reached peak 90s nostalgia, the Bali-based brand – famous for its breezy, free-spirited dresses and ditsy floral swimwear and a massive hit with all of Instagram's coolest too – have made the bandana chic again. 

No, we're not kidding you.

The hair accessory that you definitely rocked in your youth if MaryKate and Ashely were up there with your style icons is back, and if labels as popular as Faithful the Brand are doing it, you know its back for the right reasons. 

Summer Loading

A bandana might look like just a swath of fabric to some, but to others, it communicates next-level summer vibes. When else would you be so-chill that you might be willing to try such a devise look? Plus, it keeps the hair off your neck too! 

According to Faithfull The Brand, their floral-printed bandana (of which there are matching dresses) makes the "perfect finishing touch for your next getaway. Made from lightweight cotton, style in a low pony or loose waves for a complete summer look." 

Allow us to illustrate said complete summer look by mean of Monikh, a bandana-enthusiast. 

Cool + contemporary

Don't be tempted to opt for those already-crafted bandanas either, that tie via elastic at the nape of the neck. For added authenticity, choose a real scarf, folded to a point and then fastened loosely under hair. 

If a cute floral bandana is a tad too bucolic for your tastes, other options include monochrome silk versions - as shown by fashion lover and globe trotter Sara Escudero of @collagevintage

Think of the breeze 

Before we go any further, it's our duty to share the caveat that although the bandana trend is all sorts of influencer-approved, wearing it IRL (unless you're in holiday-mode) might prove testing. 

Also, while we adore Faithful The Brand's printed offering, they don't come cheap. Who knew bandanas would be expensive one day? 

But finally, if there's one thing that could sell us on this fast-track summer 20 outfit update, it's the aeration aspect. Breezy necks all round. 

Main image by @michellemdriscoll on Instagram

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