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Bathleisure: It's A Thing Now

Did you get the memo? Bathleisure is the only Instagram trend you need to know about. 

Now, this is a quarantine trend I can get behind...

Noticed the influx of Instagram users posting pics of themselves mid-facial? Clay masque acclimatised and hair tressed up in a towel-cum-turban? Yes, along with posting a selfie of yourself doing pretty much everything else, it's now cool to share those bathroom moments when you're having a bit of down time and giving your hair/face some TLC. 

The thinking behind it? In today's frenetic world, a bit of mindfulness in the bathroom goes a long way, and you don't need to book into a fancy spa to feel good about yourself; DIY can be just as pleasing. Therefore taking some time to turn your morning shower or your weekend face masque into something that bit more special and indulgent can only be good for your health (and your pores). However, this is just Stage One. The next step is to up the selfie potential by bringing in some artillery to up your game. On-trend minimal candle just out of shot? Check. Is the leaf of a succulent butting it's way into the corner of your set up? Of course. Bonus points if you're wearing a slinky robe, but equally we admire your bravado if you're donning your favourite onesie.

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And the sales figures are speaking for themselves. According to global fashion search platform, Lyst, sales of designer towels are up 21 per cent compared to last year and Ireland is one of the biggest countries to engage with the trend. The results also revealed that there had been 5,000 searches for bathrobes over the period of four weeks in Ireland alone. (Does this mean we just love a good old pyjama sesh? Most likely.) 

Obviously we are big fans of a bit of indulgence here at Irish Tatler so we'll be taking our cues from Chrissy Teigen and Julia Roberts alá Pretty Woman who both rock this look with relish.

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A word to the wise: just make sure you've put out the guest towel, otherwise it's (selfie) game over. 

Your bathleisure checklist: 

Item No.1: 

Lush is known for its crazy, colourful bath products, and its bubble bars are no exception. True to the name, they create a LOT of bubbles (the key is to crumble the bar under running water), and leave mesmerizing hues in your tub. If you're the type of person who loves documenting your spa night on Instagram (which FYI, you are now), try out the brand's macaron-shaped bar in the "Rose Jam" scent.

Rose Jam Bubble Bar, €5.65, LUSH

Item No.2: 

A revolutionary product and with the Irish Tatle seal of approval, the Skin Treatment Candle from Neom Organics combines the aromatic room-scenting fragrance of a candle with a deeply nourishing skin treatment to use all over the body. Originally created to use in the Neom wellbeing treatments, the candle creates a luxe experience, but also cuts down our time-consuming routines. Unlike hot wax that can burn you, these candles melt into a mixture of cosseting oils that nourish, soothe and aid weary, restless souls. Simply light the candle for about 30 minutes, take some time to focus on your breathing whilst inhaling the hard-working essential oils. Then, simply drizzle over your skin and massage in the deeply nourishing warm oils, treating yourself to those relaxing spa feels.

Intensive Skin Treatment Candle Tranquillity, €43, NEOM Organics

Item No.3: 

Simple yet sexy, this H&M robe has dropped shoulders so it'll always give off that slouchy, comfy look while the sleek material keeps it chic.

Satin Kimono, €19.99, H&M

Item No.4: 

Sure, you could just throw your hair up in any old towel but bathleisure is all about aesthetics. That said, it's also about finding the time to truly take care of yourself. Most hairstylists would agree that, believe it or not, you should never dry your hair with a regular towel. That's because hair is especially delicate when it's wet, and the texture and material of a regular towel is often too coarse and dry for fragile wet hair to handle. Your average bath towel also isn't too great at absorbing water, so if you do choose to blow dry your hair after towel drying it, you're not preventing heat damage as much as you could be. This is where a hair towel comes in. Not only will it instantly elevate your selfie game but it'll also protect your stands - something we could all do with right about now...

Quick Drying Hair Turban, €10.49, Soap&Glory

Item No.5: 

Despite being largely wedded to our respective skincare regimes, every now and again, an overnight mask comes along that’s so good, we don’t mind being unfaithful to our regular ‘tried and trusted’ once or twice a week. Supercharged with extracts of Persian silk tree to brighten and even skin tone, pomegranate flower to firm, plus buriti, rosehip and cranberry seed oils to intensely nourish and lock moisture into skin – all you have to do is apply this mask pre-bed to get the super skin of your dreams, whilst you dream. Perfect for post bathtime. 

Superskin™ Overnight Mask, €55.50, Liz Earle

Item No.6: 

Whispering Angel has amassed a huge following online with celebrities and influencers alike praising its crisp, fresh taste. It has won an array of awards and is now a premium, sought after tipple. Made by Caves d'Esclans from a thorough selection of the region’s very best terroirs, including the Motte, the rosé boasts a dry, aromatic palette thanks to its blend of grapes which include Grenache, Cinsault, Rolle (vermentino), Syrah and Tibouren and it boasts a dry, aromatic palette. In terms of taste, you're talking fruity, both tangy citrus peel and small red berries, with a floral fragrance to match. 

Whispering Angel, €30, O'Briens

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