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Yes, A Comfortable Bra Does Exist – In Fact, I Found 6

And best still, they're all big-boob friendly.

We know you don't want to hear this, but it's really time to start wearing a bra again...

Having big boobs isn't half what it's cracked up to be.

Sure, they look great on the rare occasion where I wear a low cut top but honestly, I'd rather be able to lie on my stomach comfortably. Between the constant back pain and never being able to wear a blouse that won't gape, there's a lot not to love about having a fuller chest. But by far my least favourite thing about having DD+ boobs? It's the fact I can never not wear a bra.

Now that a lot of us are working from home, the novelty of not having to put a bra on in the first place still hasn’t quite worn off just yet: a feeling I can't relate to. When most people get home after a long, hard day in the office, what's the first thing they do? Take off their bra and breathe a sigh of relief. When I get home after a long, hard day in the office, what's the first thing I do (besides cry)? Switch out of my everyday bra into my loungewear bra. Not because I want them to grow (if anything, I wish they'd stop), nor is it to stop them sagging (age is doing a fine job of that on it's own), I constantly wear a bra simply because it's too uncomfortable not to. Think: lower back pains, having to hold them in place if I move, did I mention lower back pain? 

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And even though you're "not supposed" to, I sleep in a bra. Before you scream, it's a bra specially designed to alleviate any breast discomfort you may experience while you’re lying in bed at night, like the discomfort that stems from gravity pulling your chest every which way.

But, as you work from home longer you may want to get back to normality, get out of your pyjamas for the first time in weeks and get dressed in your WFH outfit. This includes putting on some decent underwear, ladies.  

While regular every day and sports bras can function as sleep and leisure bras, not all of them fit the bill. Chafing materials, underwires, and stiff cups cause poking, annoying skin marks, and boob slippage that’s more likely to keep you from truly being comfortable. However, if – like me – you hate the feeling of your boobs parting like the Red Sea while you’re sitting on the couch, you’ve got some options. Here are some of the best comfortable bras that offer both comfort and centring support, so you can lounge in any position without gravity pulling you down.


Remember when I said I own a bra specially designed to alleviate any breast discomfort you may experience while you’re lying in bed at night? Well, here it is. The zero feel bra basically does what it says on the tin. The thicker straps will hold you in places, while the stretchy fabric and seam-free style will be invisible under clothes. You’ll want to stock up on all 5 colours, trust me. 

Zero Feel Bralette, €34.99, SLOGGI available at Brown Thomas

A lot of the bras you see in this post (or just in general if you're shopping for a bra that's larger than a D cup) aren't what you'd typically describe as 'sexy'. Now granted that's not what we're looking for when shopping for a bra to lounge in but there's no denying that wearing a pretty bra can make you feel better. So with that mind, let me introduce you to this non-padded, non-wired bra from M&S. As an owner of this very bra, let me assure you it is comfortable and looks great sans top with jeans and a blazer. 

Mesh Lace Non-Padded Bralette, €27, M&S

The sculptured fit of this bra will keep you in place, the straps don't have those uncomfortable plastic adjusters and there's also no back clasp which makes it a smooth, comfortable fit all around. Sizes are in XS-XL but there’s a ‘find my perfect fit’ option to get the right fit. 

Soft Wireless Bra, €19.90, Uniqlo 

Under €20 is a great price for one comfortable, reliable bra — for two, it's amazing. These Evans sleep bras are made of stretchy, comfy fabric without any wires. It's great for any sleeping position because it doesn't have any digging straps, uncomfortable fasteners, or wires.

Sleep Bra 2 Pack, €19, Evans available on Zalando

With no cups, no underwiring and thick straps this is an easy-to-throw-on style that will be ideal for those with cup sizes on the slightly larger scale. There’s also 3 hook and eyes so you can adjust if you want a looser fit throughout the day. 

Fuller Bust recycled 3 pack microfibre triangle bra, €30.42, ASOS

A lacy bra that’s sexy, but oh so comfortable – meet the Panache triangle style made for bigger breasts. A two-section non-wired cup with adjustable straps that suits cup sizes up to H. Adding to cart immediately.

Lyzy Triangle Bra, €31, Panache

Main image by @joannnacoops on Instagram

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