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The Most Luxurious Pairs Of Slippers Your Money Can Buy

The only shoes you want on your feet this season

It may seem like such a small thing, but the perfect pair of slippers—one that's equal parts comfy and chic—can seriously upgrade the time you spend at home.

Over the past few months, we went from leaving the house once a day to suddenly being allowed to go out and see loved ones, have a meal and even go on a staycation or two which inevitably meant we were expected to wear actual clothes again. We clasped our bras, wore actual shoes and the brave amongst us even attempted to zip themselves into a pair of jeans. 

But alas, we have once again been confined to our homes for the next six weeks in efforts to slow down the spread of COVID-19. For a lot of us, that means converting our kitchen tables back into home offices, rooting out the baking tins and finally getting around to completing that jigsaw pieces. It also means that items such as jackets, shoes, bras and trousers are no longer important or necessary. 

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You own the matching knitted co-ord, the tie-dye sweatshirt and even a pair of premium pyjamas, but there's one vital element missing – the finishing touch to the ultimate lounging uniform: slippers.

They’re the at-home accessory that was somehow forgotten about the first time around. Whether you wear them in the morning with your pyjamas as you commute from your bedroom to the living room, in the evening after you get back from your daily walk or run, or even to just keep your feet warm as you binge-watch Netflix, a good pair of slippers is an important part of any loungewear wardrobe. What's more, going barefoot or even just wearing socks – especially on hardwood floors – can wreak havoc on your feet and joints because there's no shock absorption. The good news is that if you're feeling pain in your knees or feet, wearing slippers at home can help. Which is all the more reason to invest in a really, really good pair that’s both exciting and durable enough to withstand your indoorsy life. 

Now that you're convinced that a pair of slippers is a necessity to get through the next six weeks, it's time to take a look at your options and yes - that's options, plural. On the luxe end of things, shearling and/or cashmere mule slippers will look chic with another one of this autumn’s biggest trends: the knitted dress. And while summer is sadly long gone, satin sliders have transformed from a warm-weather must-have into the ultimate indoor party shoe. If you’re looking for a trendier option, then the platform furry slingback is also a great shout, and are the perfect addition to those Balenciaga tracksuit bottoms which by now have become a WFH staple.

Ahead we’ve rounded up the best slippers on offer, to suit varying styles, comfort levels and, of course, budgets. So before another day goes by, slip your tired feet into a pair of the ultra-luxurious slippers below. 

SLEEPER Cream Shearling Slippers, $290 (€245 approx), SHOP

THE WHITE COMPANY Velvet Bow Slider Slippers, €51, SHOP

Olivia Hapton slipper cream LIGHTNING BOLT, £32 (€36 approx), SHOP

Shepherd JESSICA Slippers, €68.50, SHOP

M&S Chenille Square Toe Ballerina Slippers, €27, SHOP

GUCCI Fria horse-bit-detailed logo-print wool and faux shearling ankle boots, €690, SHOP

SKIN Cashmere ballet flats, €114.04, SHOP

Natasha Zinko 389, SHOP



UGG Fluff Yeah Clear Water Slide Slippers, €129.00, SHOP

FITFLOP Clara Shearling Slipper, €100, SHOP

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