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The Playsuit Is Summer’s Simplest Outfit Recipe

The only accessories needed are the indoor shoes of your choice

Step the left leg in, then the right, add arms — et voilà!

Ever since my morning commute became getting out of bed and wearily making my way across the living room towards a makeshift desk, I've really learned the value of the one-piece wonder.

Yes, the fluffy onesies I donned in March and April have gradually become breezy all-in-ones with the onset of warmer temps, but somehow knowing that getting dressed is a one-ingredient recipe still hasn't lost its daily appeal; step the left leg in, then the right, add arms — et voilà!

I can't speak for everyone but this kind of stress-free, sartorial simplicity is personally much-welcomed right now, especially as I've repeat-cycled through all of my favourite loungewear but am still not about to brave hard jeans for a long day of sitting down. 

Playsuits – aka rompers – are essentially an upgrade on a pair of short pyjamas, the cooler, younger sister of the jumpsuit and the more androgenous cousin of the mini dress and are designed in a manner which defies gravity. Like sitting with your legs spread wide whilst typing? Cool, no problem. Partial to a cartwheel in the kitchen or lying on the couch with your hips over your head? The playsuit's got you covered. Quite literally.

And to get it out of the way — yes, peeing is tricky and a marginally longer process. It's true, there's no way around it, you do have to sit there, half-naked for a minute. But as the toilet in use is currently rather likely to be your own, in your own bathroom, relieving oneself comes without the hysterical fear of having any part of the fabric touch a stranger's urine. 

So, if you've yet to add a playsuit to your WFH wardrobe rotation, please do so on my recommendation — it's a fresh, faff-free alternative that checks both the comfort and convenience boxes.

Scroll on to see my summer playsuit selects. 

Cotton playsuit with pockets, €79, COS - SHOP 

Short workwear boilersuit, €89, & Other Stories - SHOP 

Linen-blend playsuit, €34.99, H&M - SHOP 

Organic Cotton playsuit, €69, COS - SHOP 

Plus denim blue playsuit, €55, River Island - SHOP

Patterned playsuit, €19.99, H&M - SHOP 

Belted linen-blend romper, €79, & Other Stories - SHOP 

Flowing jumpsuit, €29.95, Zara - SHOP 

Jumpsuit with pockets, €120, Sezane - SHOP 

Main image: @emmanuellek_

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