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Blankets Are The New Clothes – Here's 10 Cosy Throws You Should Replace Your Loungewear With

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Throw-on-and-go just got a whole new meaning...

For the past eight weeks (yes, it's been that long), we've been inundated with articles, TV shows and even a thesis or two on the importance of getting dressed during lockdown. Sure, it helps to maintain a sense of normality and there's no doubting the effects it has on our mood but let's face it – self-isolating is hard and sometimes, getting dressed is just too much effort. 

While getting dressed in the morning is a great idea, so is staying in bed all day. A study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism found that when women indulged in a bit of a post-alarm sleep, it could potentially reduce their risk of diabetes. Not to mention similar studies which found staying in bed longer can increase sex drive, boost your immune system and even cure chronic back pain

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That said, we're realists here at Irish Tatler and we understand that although tempting, staying in bed all day just isn't practical. For one, how are you to get snacks? So while popping on a pair of tracksuit bottoms and a recently tie-dyed hoodie for your commute to the fridge makes a lot of sense right now, so does wrapping yourself up in a blanket. 

Blankets are designed for everything from simulating a hug to reducing stress and improving sleep — not to mention how it can easily elevate your living room or bedroom. Whether worn as a cape to accompany your 12-hour long Netflix binge or thrown over your legs to keep you warm as you sit in your back garden sipping on an expertly mixed Negroni, there's no denying that blankets are the new clothes. 

So as a necessary public service, we've pulled together ten of the softest throws we could find. The comfy blanket options ahead come in a range of prices, hygge hues, and touchable textures — from chunky knits to airy cotton gauze. Instead of worrying about which hoodie to wear on your next trip to the supermarket, stay in and swaddle up with one of these cosy-as-a-cloud throws. (But also, no judgment if you want to wear one to the shops, cocoon-style.)

Jacquard-Weave Blanket, €19.99, H&M Home

Faux Fur Blanket, €29.99, Zara Home

Blanket With Herringbone Design, €29.99, Zara Home

Loose Knit Blanket, €59.99, H&M Home

Geometric Print Blanket, €69.99, Zara Home

McNutt of Donegal Fuschia Ómbre Throw, €89.96, Kilkenny

Bouclé Blanket, €14.99, H&M Home

Recycled Cotton Throw, €25, Bloomingville available at Arnotts

Main image by @pernilleteisbaek on Instagram

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