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Move Over Go Grey Tracksuits: There's A New Loungewear Trend Influencers Are Obsessing Over

Proving tie-dye isn't solely for festival season, but self-isolation too

*Heads straight to Amazon, buys DIY tie-dye kit

Instagram has been a very different place over the last few weeks... and believe me, I with a screen time report like mine, I should know! Gone are all the glamourous images of influencers in far-flung, tropical destinations or smizing on the street-corners of new cities (excluding those self-gratifying #TBT posts, of course.)

Instead, my scrolling sessions are punctuated mostly by Instagram's IT-girls practising social distancing — and their TikTok dance moves — from the comfort of their chicly decorated homes. But fresh backdrops aside, the influencer-set seems to also have adopted a new uniform of choice and are cosying up in co-ordinated tie-dye loungewear. 

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Colour Me Happy! 

From our very own Ashely Doyle in her sugary-sweet Reformation 'suit to Arielle Charnas' more pigmented take on the colour-splashed trend, all I know is my basic, grey marl t-shirt and sweatpants combo just won't cut it any more. 

Long before our calendars started filling up with couch parties and digital happy hours though, the chic loungewear set had begun to emerge as late 2019's most unexpected fashion trend; The Frankie Shop's pastel yellow suit — worn by Emili Sindlev, Jeanette Madsen and Ellie of @SlipIntoStyle alike — sold out even quicker than the brand's elusive muscle tee did.

Perhaps thus giving rise to a whole new appreciation for cheerfully-coloured athleisure. 

sweatshirts are the new sweaters

When Man Repeller's Leandra Medine decrees something fashion-related, you know it's about to blow up and she too made a case for looking cool without compromising on comfort in her recent article, Socks Are the New Shoes and Other Style Truths From the Guts of Quarantine

Not immune to the indispensability of tracksuits, she maintains "when we look good, we feel good, and therefore we are good" and I'd like to question what self-respecting grown-up wouldn't feel good living out their skate-girl dreams in a pair of over-dyed, elasticated-waistband joggers and matching crew-neck sweatshirt?

So #influnced am I by the happy yet arguably only fit for, well, WFH fits trend, that I've gone and bought a tie-dye art kit from Amazon (linked but not #aff) and plan on seeing out the rest of this strange time, kaleidoscopic-scorching everything in a white hue that I own. 

See expectation below. Reality update to follow. 

Main image by @mvb on Instagram

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