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5 Copenhagen Brands That Could Well Be The New Ganni

Copenhagen Fashion Week has kicked off, and with it, a constant parade of Scandi-Cool

Copenhagen Fashion Week is now in full swing, and these are the under-the-radar Danish brands on every fashion editors’ #CPHFW watch list. 

Spring/Summer 2020. We repeat Spring/Summer 2020. 

Although it does sound like the actual future, it is, in fact,  the current International fashion week season and it kicked off in the Danish capital yesterday. We've long preached about the merits of the lesser-known Scandi fashion week in terms of its style prowess over that of New York and London, and without doubt, no brand has broken out of #CPHFW quite as noticeably as Ganni.

For seasons, the brand has reigned supreme with the Instagram Cool-Set, despite stiff competition from other Nordic brands such as By Malene Birger, Astrid Andersen, Saks Potts,  Stine Goya and Cecilie Bahnsen. 

But as with any fashion-girl favourite, a sartorial saturation-point always looms, so we're wondering which under-the-radar names to look out for this season? 

Here's a list of the shows we've marked as ones-to-watch on the Copenhagen Fashion Week schedule and immediately followed on Instagram for added Scandi cool points... 


With a 2020 presentation named Brokeback, you can probably imagine where the brand - founded by sisters Anne Louise Faurholt and Emma Lohmann - might have sourced their inspo. 'Bridging simplicity with stylish femme fatale' as they self-proclaim, their collections strike the perfect balance of statement and wearable - and quite frankly, we into it.

Shop Resumé - Here


Giving itself a deadline of 2020 to find preferred sustainable fabrics for everything it produces, or the style is out, Designers Remix is redefining what it means to create clothing consciously. Designing looks made of recycled polyester, wool and cotton, the Danish label is schooling other is how to make fashion fun, while still limiting its impact on the planet. 

Shop Designers Remix - Here


Although it began in New York in 1999, the brand's roots lie in Sweden, where the creative director and founder Carin Rodebjer is from. After she was spotted on the streets of Manhattan wearing her handmade designs, Carin started selling her fashion to friends and stores in NYC. Think laid-back and polished, slouchy yet elegant. 

Baum und Pferdgarten

Danish designers Rikke Baumgarten and Helle Hestehave have created their label’s name, Baum und Pferdgarten, as a play on their surnames. The duo parlays that same quirkiness into their design aesthetic by crafting bright and playful collections. Great prints too!

Shop Baum und Pferdgarten - Here 

ROTATE Birger Christensen

Last, but certainly not least - in fact, this brand is the one we tip most for a meteoric rise. Rotate is a Copenhagen-based brand from Birger Christensen in partnership with Danish stylists and influencers, Jeanette Madsen and Thora Valdimars. Specialising in dresses and drama, the stylish pairing prides their brand filling the gaps in their own wardrobes and creating pieces they dreamt of having in their lives. 

Pretty sure we all experience same wardrobe gaps! 

Shop Rotate - Here 

Main image: Instagram: @hannahsteffanson 

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