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Yes – You Can Wear Jeans To Work, These 9 Outfits Prove It

And no, not just on casual Fridays.

Ahead, we're showcasing five forward yet professional outfit formulas that feature jeans for you to test out this season. Go on, try one or all of the ensembles to refresh your work wardrobe. Get to it.

Despite what some office dress codes will tell you, the sole purpose of jeans is to wear them to work.

That was the case for farmers and miners circa denim's debut in the 1800s, at least. But it's 2020 now and unless your 9-to-5 is at a laid-back startup, chances are your work uniform only takes a turn towards denim on casual Fridays – thanks to the fact jeans are generally seen as an office no-no. And for what reason? That it's sloppy? Too casual? But we're of the belief that your worn-in baby blues could take the place of pinstriped trousers any day, without receiving a letter from your H.R. department. 

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See, even in light washes, comfortable fabrications, and casual cuts, denim can look polished enough for client meetings, if you choose yours carefully. Balance it out with more traditional workplace pieces, always make sure your accessories are on point and carry yourself with confidence. Yes, you're wearing jeans, yes it's a Monday, and yes — you look great.


A checked blazer is a must-own for all seasons but to give it a fresh feel, pair yours with light-wash mom jeans. It's a fashion-forward look that still stands up for important meetings.

jeans + a nice top

If your office is a tad more fashion-forward, a pair of dark denim overalls can look darling over a pussy-bow blouse.

JEANS + a Different blazer

A tailored blazer adds instant polish to whatever you're wearing, including this ensemble featuring an on-trend exaggerated collared blouse, jeans, and ankle boots.


If there's one outfit formula that you can always rely on, it's the classic jeans, ankle boots and a nice top. This time around, however, don't just go for any old nice top. Go back to basics with a classic crisp white shirt. Take it that step further by layering it over a white roll neck. 

JEANS + A Leather jacket

A chic leather jacket gives the jeans-and-a-shirt look a luxurious spin. Just skip the heavy motorcycle jacket in favour of an oversized vintage fit. 


This look—complete with a belted blazer, jeans and ankle boots—is what I plan on wearing to work every day for the next few months.


A dress over jeans feels incredibly high-concept but is quite simple to put together. Perfect for when you've slept in and have five minutes to get ready. 

Jeans + Jeans

Denim on denim looks exponentially cooler with the addition of a long coat and statement boots.

JEANS + knee-high boots

Another sartorial item that might be frowned upon by H.R. (it's called fashion Brenda, look it up), knee-high boots possess the power to turn a boring, casual outfit into boardroom chic. 

Main image by @pernilleteisbaek on Instagram

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