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Change Is Never Ending, According To Zalando's New Campaign

'Change is challenging, but without it, we can’t thrive.'

To mark Zalando's 'Change Never Ends' campaign which illustrates the metamorphic power of change, Irish Tatler is celebrating those who have reinvented themselves by hosting a series of Instagram Lives, with the aim of inspiring others to add a new chapter to their own stories. 

Cast your mind back to early January 2020. So full of promise, we stayed up late to wish each other a 'Happy New Year' and wrote lists detailing our hopes for the next twelve months, our travel plans to far-flung destinations, the strides we wanted to make in our careers. 

Fast-forward to today, nearly eight months on, and the COVID-19 pandemic has wrought havoc on all of our carefully laid plans. Many have dealt with loss, financial struggles, isolation and fear. For each and every one of us, the world has changed. And yet, we've collectively struggled to get through each day and find some semblance of 'normal' in our new world, accepting the change as best as we know how.

There's a saying that feels very fitting to the unique circumstances of 2020 and it goes 'When everything is uncertain, anything is possible!' and that's an outlook Zalando is supporting via its Autumn/Winter 2020 campaign titled 'Change Never Ends'.

Led by British actress Patricia Allison, also known as Ola Nyman in the Netflix Original comedy series Sex Education, the campaign centres around personal moments of change by showcasing people who have reinvented themselves, telling authentic stories from real-life experiences, and inspiring others to feel empowered to change.

Change Never Ends

Setting it apart from others of its like, Zalando's interactive campaign is all about inviting a community of customers to submit their personal stories of change via IG Feed, Stories or Reels, using the hashtag #ChangeNeverEnds. Because while the pandemic may have distanced us physically, a sense of community remained our constant connector during testing times and this a way of celebrating that authentically. 

“It’s important for us to listen to our customers and engage with them in a relatable way. ‘Change’ is something we have all experienced this year which is why we chose it as the main topic of this campaign,” says Lydia Gries, Head of Creative Direction at Zalando. 

Of the real-life stories submitted by customers, a selection will go through a screenwriting process and be portrayed as short films, directed by Cannes Lion recipient Sara Dunlop (who has directed campaigns for Facebook, Burberry and Levi’s) and acted by Allison, to be used as part of the global campaign across the platform's social media. 

Irish Tatler x Zalando 

To celebrate the Change Never Ends campaign, Irish Tatler together with Zalando is hosting a series of Instagram Lives about our own personal moments of change. 

Beginning Wednesday, 21 October, Editor of Irish, Amy Heffernan will chat with fitness instructor, actress, artist and all-round multi-hyphenate, Dee Fitzpatrick about how she’d always rather be a work-in-progress, rather than a finished product.

The following week Amy will be joined by editorial fashion stylist turned the creative genius behind The Positive Space, Corina Gaffey and in the first week of November by DJ and sustainability advocate, Tara Stewart

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