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Adults Can Play Dress Up Too: The Cher Edition

Cher was Big Dick Energy before big dicks were invented.

T-Minus 1 day...

The word 'icon' is thrown around quite liberally these days, but in the case of Cher, no other word will do.

Cher has been a fashion trailblazer ever since she rose to fame in the mid-'60s, thanks to the folk-rock duo she was in with her then-husband, Sonny (real name Bono Allman). They were the It couple of the time—a modern-day Justin and Hailey, if you will—and with their own TV show, appearances in every important publication and a whirlwind of Hollywood events to attend, there were plenty of opportunities for Cher's extensive closet to get some airtime.

Her poker-straight hair, patterned flares and penchant for pushing boundaries was nothing short of era-defining in the '60s and '70s, while in the '80s she pioneered chainmail dresses and sheer, figure-skimming frocks long before the likes of Kendall Jenner and Beyoncé.

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Cher's personal, free-spirited style gave rise to sexuality and spontaneity not yet seen among female celebrities during that time. She was bold, loud and her wardrobe was truly iconic. Over the course of her 50+ year career, Cher's skin-baring, sequin-drenched ensembles have left a trail of glittering breadcrumbs across the mood boards of designers and musicians everywhere. 

So, in honour of the Here We Go Again Tour taking place in Dublin tomorrow night (November 1), here we present how to channel the queen that is Cher.


Hoop earrings, a simple tank and statement trousers make up our weekend attire right now—and this is from 1968.

Items L-R: 3 Pack Rings, €7.99, H&M; Orange Multi-Stripe Trousers, €15, New Look; Navy Premium Racer Top, €10, Topshop; Gold Medium Snake Chain Hoops, €122, Missoma


Cher nailed the cowgirl trend back in the 70's pairing a cowboy hat with mom jeans, white shirts and mules. 

Items L-R:  Basic Cotton Shirt, €19.95, Zara; Felt Cowboy Hat, €30.42, ASOS; 501 Cropped Jeans, €115, Levis at Brown Thomas


Easily Cher's most iconic look. Not one for the faint-hearted or the cold November winds but at least that wild, wild hair will keep you warm.

Items L-R: 80s Vintage Leather Jacket, €159, Zara; Black Mesh Bodysuit, €12.99, Bershka, 15 Denier Tights, €5.35, ASOS

cher circa 1990

Cher invented the leather trend, don't @ me. 

Items L-R: Maxi Slip Dress, €540, Nanushka; Faux Leather Blazer, €39.99, Bershka

cher Circa 2000S

A diamond-encrusted hair accessory paired with a 90s nude lip...Cher walked so that we could run. 

Items L-R: Walk of Shame Eyeshadow Palette, €55, Charlotte Tilbury; Statement Crystal Crown, €27.65, ASOS; Modern Matte Powder Lipstick in shade Murmur, €29.45, Shisheido 


Cher returned to the big screen last year in Mamma Mia 2 and what a comeback she made. She arrives in an all-white suit, with platinum hair, carrying a cane. The potential visual references are endless. Madonna, of course, famously wore an all-white suit and carried a cane in “Me Against The Music”, her 2003 Sapphic duet with Britney Spears. You don’t mess with platinum blondes in white suits. The kind of confidence it takes to wear something so easily stained exudes the kind confidence we only see in icons. 

Items L-R: Double Breasted Blazer, €89, & Other Stories; Linen Blend Trousers, €79, & Other Stories; Oversized Cateye Sunglasses, €8.40, Nasty Gal; Cane, €5.99, PartyShop

Whatever version of Cher you take inspiration for, just remember: when in doubt - add more fringe. 

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