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Neon, Tie Dye And Western Accents: Summer Fashion Trends As Told By Coachella

Quick question: is fashion okay?
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If Coachella was a thing in 1995...

From the New York Fashion Week to the Oscars to the MET Gala to Coachella, there first six months of the year lend themselves to being the fashion events of the year. While the outfits worn at Coachella may not be straight off the runway, the festival does provide an abundance of sartorial excellence.  

Festival style is often associated with denim shorts and wellies but given that Coachella takes place in a desert and not some country man's farm for the weekend, the event opens itself to a wide variety of styles and personalities. 

Unsurprisingly, the Coachella fashion trends from week one were bold, stylish and perfectly executed. From fringe to neon, this year's festival attendees did not hold back so much so that Coachella has now become just as much about the fashion as it has about the music and art.  

So whether you're looking for new summer fashion trends or just want to give yourself a serious case of FOMO, keep scrolling for your Coachella 2019 style report. 


Finally, a use for the skill taught to you by your home ec teacher in fourth year.

Bucket Hats

An accessory adored by indie rock fans has received a millennial makeover. 


Whether it's western inspired or cocktail appropriate, fringe is your friend. 


Love it or loathe it, neon took centre stage at this year's Coachella. 


You'd think leather and twenty-three-degree weather would be a no go but the fashion pack at Coachella proved the chafing is worth it.

Wide-Brimmed Hats

If Coachella style was to be defined by one item, it'd be the wide-brimmed hat.

Tie Dye

A trend inspired by the 70s worn by us all in the 90s is back for another round. 

Thigh High Boots

Coachella headliner, Ariana Grande served as the main source of inspiration as her trademark footwear headlined the fashion stakes. 

Roll on week 2! 

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