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Just 16 Pairs Of Trousers With Elasticated Waistbands

Flares are the new joggers – there I've said it.

Anyone else bored of grey tracksuit bottoms and GAA shorts? 

With very few reasons to leave the comfort of your own home, it can become very tempting to spend all your time in tracksuit bottoms, pyjamas and various other types of loungewear. Believe me, though—there will come a time when the novelty of putting on your grey joggers and a tie-dyed tee every day will wear off.

When that day comes, you'll be left standing in front of your wardrobe wondering 'what on earth do I wear now?'. While the idea of jeans may sound familiar, take our advice and resist the temptation. You don't need that kind of negativity in your life. Then you'll come across your spring summer dresses of seasons past and although this truly is an excellent option for maximum comfort with zero effort, the weather is heating up which means chub rub will soon be a harsh reality for many.

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This is where comfortable trousers re-enter the equation only this time they're disguised as flares, culottes and cigarette trousers. Far from the grotty grey tracksuit bottoms you've spent the past seven weeks (yes, it's been that long), there are now plenty of chicer items to consider. However, there are three things you must look for when shopping for genuinely comfortable trousers: 

1. An elasticated waistband

2. A fabric with stretch (ie: no denim, leather or velvet)

3. No buttons or zips (unless decorative)

Once you've found all three, you can proceed to lounge in comfort in something other than grey marl. But in case you're still a little unsure on the what truly makes a trouser comfortable, we've rounded up the best comfortable trousers on the virtual high street so you can start to hopefully feel a little normal again. 


Smudge Animal Print Flares, €40, Topshop

Like a tracksuit bottom, only chicer. 

Contrasting Bands Knit Trouser, €39.99, H&M

If you miss your denim jeans but not they're restrictive ways. 

Linen Jogger, €27.99, H&M

Channel your inner Princess Diana

Coffee Bean Printed Cycling Shorts, €29, & Other Stories

A pleated midi skirt, but without the dreaded chub rub. 

Pleated Trousers, €15.95, Zara

Floral loungewear? Now that's groundbreaking. 

Flowy Printed Trouser, €39.99, Mango

Leggins are the true unsung hero of the loungewear world. 

Animal Print Leggings, €17.95, Zara

If it has a drawstring, you know it will be comfortable. 

Lyocell Drawstring Culottes, €69, & Other Stories

Paper bag trousers, €22.99, H&M

Copy this exact outfit and you'll get away with wearing elasticated trousers to work when this is all over.

High waisted culottes, €69, & Other Stories

Although they may look restrictive, note the elasticated side pannels.

Cigarette Trousers, €19.99, H&M

Extra pockets for your snacks. 

Lyocell utility joggers, €27.99, H&M

The perfect outfit to spend wear in the garden in...

Super Wide Culottes, €39.99, H&M

Loose Fit? Check. Comfortable Fabric? Check. Incredibly cool? Check. 

Wide Leg Floral Trousers, €49.95, Zara

Wear with a band T-shirt and slippers, for now, then imagine these paired with a strappy sandal and blazer for truly well deserved night out soon as this all blows over. 

Beaded detail leggings, €29.99, Mango

You know how wrap dresses are universally flattering? Same thing here. 

Wrap Style Trousers, €19.95, Zara

Main image by @mvb on Instagram

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