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Those Scrunched Gold Earrings That Are All Over Your Instagram Feed? We've Tracked Them Down

Alexis Carrington, eat your heart out...

We've seen everyone from Daisy Edgar-Jones to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley clipping in a pair...

Allow me to set the scene: it was a Friday night which meant yet another zoom call with my groupchat (we're not ready to go outside just yet). Hours later and cocktails still in hand, the chat naturally progressed to reminiscing about parties pre-covid. While we laughed and hung our heads in shame at each of our messiest moments, the topic of party tricks came up. One friend of mine has a talent for making dirty shadow puppets, others can do the worm - but me? Well, I can almost instantly track down any given item of clothing on Instagram and find out where to buy it. 

My most recent accomplishments were discovering the fashion brand that every fashion 'it' girl owns at least three dresses and a wrap skirt from. There was also the cool-girl leather blazer we can't wait to wear when we're allowed back outside again. Before that, it was discovering the gold dainty hoops that Bella Hadid can not stop wearing and only recently, it was the knitted co-ord everyone and their mother spent all of lockdown in. 

Although I don't have an actual party to attend where I can display these talents, I do have yet another case to crack. This time, however, the mystery lies in a pair of chunky, door-knocker-esque gold earrings.

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My latest discovery isn't by the kind of jewellery brand you need an appointment to visit, nor is it by a brand that as soon as you put the stem in your ear, they turn green. No, these perfect gold textured studs come from none other than Completedworks. You know, the London-founded label everyone from that girl you follow on Instagram to Daisy Edgar-Jones are hooked on. 

Taking inspiration from a scrunchie, the now cult earrings' appeal lies in their size (attention-seekingly chunky), door-knocker shape and the classic-with-a-twist aesthetic. Maya Rudolph styled them with a scraped-back bun, Adwoa Aboah with a scoop-neck top and Daisy Edgar-Jones with a jazzy jumper.

The pair in question cost €393, but that hasn’t stopped them selling out faster than a One Direction reunion tour. In fact, they have been worn by so many celebrities I'm honestly shocked they haven't sold out already.

SCRUNCH Gold Vermeil Earrings, €392.95, Completedworks

These are the ones that have been all over your feed - and it's easy to see why. Gold, statement-making hoop-like-esque studs which hold the ability to transform even old grey tracksuit bottoms into something chic. The perfect way to make a really basic outfit anything but basic. We're seeing them paired with everything from straight-leg jeans and a chunky knit to cut-out swimwear and evening gowns. 

Although they're slightly on the pricey side compared to my usual Instagram find, I'm pretty sure in this era of above-the-waist dressing, you'll wear them so many ways that it'll be more than worth the splurge.

Main image by @daisyedgarjones on Instagram

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