Copenhagen Fashion Week 2019

Copenhagen Fashion Week 2019

Trust the Danes to make being good for the planet cool.

The 6th Copenhagen Fashion Week, Copenhagen Fashion Week 2019 was held this year and it has one main vision for the world, sustainability.

1,300 politicians, environmentalists, academics and the media from Denmark and across the globe were on a committee to develop this year’s fashion green vision. The board included fashions top people from Ganni’s founder Nicolaj Reffstrup, VOGUE Australia’s sustainability editor Clare Press, Global Fashion Agenda’s CEO Eva Kruse and Copenhagen’s Mayor of Culture and Leisure Franciska Rosenkilde.

The goal, to showcase the most sustainable international fashion week the world has ever seen. And they certainly did. The world is moving in a more sustainable way. Lots of companies are looking at green actions that they can take. Both in our lifestyle choices and food choices. Shockingly Danes are currently spending 16 kilos on average every year on clothing. The population of Denmark is 5.77 million. That’s a lot of kilos of clothes. The Fashion Week launched an Innovation Forum, which was a new sustainability initiative. This is an exhibition which displays sustainable solutions that can be taken on board for both companies and ourselves.

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Some of the top brands in the fashion world including H&M and Target were among a panel who discussed how sustainability needs to be a leadership priority. They talked about the Pulse of the Fashion Industry 2018 Report (set up by the Global Fashion Agenda and The Boston Consulting Group it is an annual in depth assessment of the fashion industry’s environmental and social performance), released the week prior to the Copenhagen Fashion Week 2019.

BLANCHE a new Copenhagen based sustainable fashion brand is breaking the ice. Its show stopping catwalk at this years Copenhagen Fashion Week tapped into the iconic Scandinavian cool girl style. Classic designs of the denim jacket were shown with a pastel colour pop. The brand claims itself as an organic brand. And yes yes I know the word organic is over used. However, it means a lot more in Denmark. The brand reflects what is happening right now in the Copenhagen lifestyle sector. The city is bustling with an energetic movement towards sustainability and well-being. There has been a surge in the amount of organic shops, cafés, skincare brands and clothing stores. Founders Mette Fredin and Melissa Bech started the company in August 2017. The brand focuses both quality and fit. “Taking a holistic approach to timelessness in fashion, we began at the fundamental design: denim”.

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@linneklund in our Apollo Provence from SS19. #blanchecph

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The world does not have endless resources and they will sorely eventually run out. Columnist and founder of Closed Loop Suzi Christoffersen expresses ways in which we can all work towards a greener more sustainable fashion world “Reduce – lower your level of shopping, Repair – fix what you have or take it to a tailor, Reuse – swap clothing with friends, donate to second-hand shops or re-sell. Recycle – look for shops and organizations where you can hand in your completely worn out items, Rethink your wardrobe – Go through your closet and find new combinations”. The Depop app is also a great initiative. Here you can sell and swap your unwanted clothing. You upload pictures of your unwanted clothing and send your clothes in special sealable bags. You pay with PayPal a secure paying service so fear not!