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The More the Merrier: The "Curated Ear" Trend

The best jewellery brands to shop for your next piercing addition!

When it comes to it, the more the better. With a definite maximalist approach and carefully placed piercings, our ears are becoming work of arts in themselves.  

Thinking about the next addition to your lobe? Here are 5 jewellery brands which have nailed down the trend to perfection:

1. Missoma London 

Missoma is a demi-fine contemporary jewellery brand. Its focus is on everyday wardrobe needs and layerable pieces. Its website's page dedicated to earrings says it all: "From statement chandelier hoops to delicate gemstone studs, our extensive range of earrings will elevate your ear game and see you through every occasion."

2. Maria Tash 

Maria Tash coined the term "curated ear" and is undoubtedly the queen of the ear-piercing universe. Interviewed in our November issue, she stated: "There's no such thing as too many piercings. It is never about the number of piercings, it is about how you layer the jewellery together in a balanced, aesthetically pleasing manner."

3. Mejuri

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Stacking made easy with our 14k studs.

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Mejuri makes luxury accessible and cares about the everyday woman. The designs are minimalist and make staking and layering incredibly easy. 

4. Maria Black

Scandi brand Maria Black is a fashion editors' favourite. All about pushing boundaries, this jewellery brand definitely has an edgy touch: "Continuously innovating the perception of body adornment with effortlessly chic androgynous forms and expressions, [it] is infused with a philosophy of making jewellery playful and customizable, encouraged to be mixed and matched."

5. Aprés Jewelry 

Aprés Jewelry was founded in 2017 by Amanda Thomas, an LA-based designer with over 15 years of experience in the business. Though focused on alternative wedding jewellery, Aprés Jewellery also delivers on the ear front. 

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