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Why We'll All Be Dressing Like Dads This Autumn

Fashion's got daddy issues.

Here's your guide on how to embellish like a DILF. 

Back in December, Lyst, a global fashion search platform with more than 70 million users worldwide, published a report on the most influential fashion trends of 2018.

The annual report is based on data collected from buyers and mentions on social networks around 120 countries.

Among them were nineties-style fits, Kardashian-approved bike shorts and most surprisingly of all – dad fashion. 

And, as it happens, the fatherly foray into fashion is still as relevant to the zeitgeist as ever. Think collared shirts, layered crewneck sweaters, bootcut mom jeans and chunky trainers. “Dadcore” is the watchword RN, with brands big and small – from Balenciaga to Ashley Williams – championing worn-out denim, hike-friendly anoraks and loose-fit suits.

It’s a trend that’s one to watch for grown-up daughters as well as sons, because there’s nothing more nonchalantly chic than menswear-inspired pieces mixed and matched with womenswear: think Coco Chanel with her high-waisted trousers and a Breton sweater (borrowed from the men of the French navy), or Katharine Hepburn in her crisp, oversized white shirts.

Dadcore essentially consists of sartorial choices that focus more on functionality than style. Sharp tailored suits and cardigans are no longer the DILF style staples, now it’s all about orthopaedic-esque chunky sneakers, baseball caps, bucket hats, cargo shorts and vests.

Nothing screams Old Man Steez like a good pair of khakis.

Skinny jeans have been quickly phased out and stiff high-waisted khaki pants with a relaxed fit – yes, just like the sort your dad wore to death for twenty years – have returned to the spotlight. The trick to styling khaki pants is playing with proportions: add a cropped top into the mix for subtle sex appeal or drive the "dad" look home by tucking a white-shirt into the khakis and cuffing the hem.

Another way to paternally drive your outfit is by adding a broad-shouldered, wide-lapelled trench coat is confident and imposing. In womenswear, look for something loose and voluminous – try Acne Studios, Juun.J or Vika Gazinskaya – and wear it open like you're too busy to belt.

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Another cult-item which has been propelled to zeitgeisty proportions is that of the humble loafer. Gucci’s horsebit loafers have been the trademark of a well-dressed gent since they were first sold in 1953. On women, they’re equally dashing.

Wear with flared jeans or smart trousers, but either way, make sure they’re cropped to the ankle bone to show off the detail. 

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Sensible outerwear also rings true in this non-fleeting trend.

Given the fickle nature of an Irish autumn, consider rustling out your finest parka or battered suede to keep on hold for showery days. Mix match with a logo tee and crossbody bag and you're ready to face anything from chilly Halloween evenings to Thursday night drinks. 

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