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Move Over Chunky Trainers: This Is The New Trend You'll Be Stealing From Your Dad's Wardrobe

Your Dad called, he wants his jumpers back.

Perfect for this freezing one day but spring the next type of weather we're having at the moment. 

Daddy issues are by no means a recent issue discovered by a recently awoken generation.  Before the absent or abnormal relationship with one's father merely manifested itself as a sexual desire for men who act as father figures. Nowadays it would appear that instead of significant others, our daddy issues are now reflecting in our sartorial choices. 

The dad-trend movement has been gaining traction over the past couple of years with padded jackets and anoraks of Balenciaga and Vetements taking centre stage. Since then, we've seen even the most fashionable women swap their wide-brimmed straw hats for old-school logo-emblazoned baseball caps - you know the ones your dad would wear on every. single. holiday. despite your cries to leave it home. And just last year we saw Bella Hadid and co. sporting white, chunky, '90s style trainers (the kind your dad still wears today) and before we knew it, we were too. Now we're seeing everything from shell suits, straight-leg jeans, giant spectacles, bum bags and double denim walk down not only the runways (which are notion filled at the best of times) but the streets of Dublin too. 

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This season, however, we’re taking even more inspiration from the wardrobes of dads around Ireland with the zip-up sweater. You know the ones – they’re what your dad calls a ‘pullover’ and have a half zip often in a fetching brown or traditional grey older man tone. These once snubbed jumpers are now on the wish lists of stylish women everywhere, and high street brands – including & Other Stories, H&M and Zara – have already created iterations. 

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Style with jeans, leave undone, throw on some gold chains and layer a roll neck underneath, or style with an unlikely pencil skirt (believe us, it works) – this is the jumper to turn to. Perfect for this freezing one day but spring the next type of weather we're having at the moment. 


This is the definition of old man grey. 

Knitted Jumper, €19.99, H&M

Remember what we said about pencil skirts?

Combined Knit Sweater, €49.95, Zara

Ditch the zips for some old-school buttons.

Oversized Knit Sweater, €39.95, Zara

Perfectly paired with a mom jean. 

Knitted Jumper, €19.99, H&M

Wool Blend O-Ring Zipper Turtleneck, €89, & Other Stories

Note: full zips still count as Dad jumpers. 

Zip-Up Knit, €39.95, Zara

Jacquard-knit jumper, €49.99, H&M

Technically a cardigan but something you'd still see your dad wearing. 

Boxy wool-blend cardigan, €49.99, H&M

Bicolour Sweater, €19.99, Mango

Main image by @hannahlewisstylist on Instagram

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