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You Hate To See It: Denim Cycle Shorts Are A Thing

If you can pull these off, you deserve a pedal.

Just when you thought things couldn't get any worse...

With the weather having taken a turn, my mind has instantly begun dreaming of summer and the wardrobe that comes with it. From white linen blazers, flowy sundresses, strappy sandals and bikinis, summer is always such a stylish affair. 

That was until I came across the fact that not only was last summer's hottest yet most intimidating fashion trend back for round two but it now comes in denim. Yes, my friends, I'm sorry to say but denim cycle shorts are the latest iteration of the questionable trend to emerge, and I couldn't be more confused. 

'How on earth did this happen?', I hear you cry. Well, first, you can thank the Kardashians for bringing back cycle shorts. Just like everything else the Kardashian clan do, I'm sceptical at first but then suddenly I find myself contouring my face and wearing neon. But this time around, I'm confident that my fickle mind won't change and begin to think that cycle shorts belong in my wardrobe.  

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As for who's to blame for cycle short now coming in denim, I'm pointing a finger at the '90s for being the main inspiration here. Jorts – as they were known back then – were sported by NASCAR aficionados and men over 40 and although I'm very much here for sweater vests and half-zips, the same can't be said for jorts. 

But despite my horror, trendsetters like Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and Pernille Teisbaek have already publicly endorsed the trend, and many of my favourite retailers have stocked up on denim cycle shorts in droves. 

Granted, they are probably way more forgiving than the regular cycle short which shows every lump and bump in the worst way possible, the hemline can be hard for anyone who isn’t Gisele Bündchen.

Look, I know this is a lot to digest but people other than celebrities have already begun wearing denim cycle shorts and we may need to consider taking this trend seriously. If you’re intrigued by the trend, but afraid to jump straight on the jorts bandwagon, opting for a slightly looser fit with a rigid denim design could be a safe place to start—and darker indigo and black washes offer an even more accessible way into the trend. As to where styling is concerned, you should treat them how you would with most items in your wardrobe: with heels and a blazer.

So, if you dare, here are 7 pairs of denim cycle shorts to keep in your saved items until you feel brave enough to give them a go. 


Pair with 'ugly sandals' to fully embrace the dad trend. 

Magic Shaping Denim High Waist Shorts, €34, M&S

I can't believe I'm actually saying this...but this actually looks cool


The hoodie makes these cycling shorts WFH appropriate. 

Weekday long denim shorts in blue, €21.43, ASOS

Double denim is controversial as it is, throw in denim cycle shorts, and well...

Denim Bermuda shorts, €39.99, Mango

Like a mom short, but longer.

Denim belted shorts, €27.65, ASOS

My five-year-old self is obsessed with this outfit. 

Denim Bermuda Shorts, €29.99, Bershka

We'll pass on the top but take the shorts. 

Reclaimed Vintage inspired over the knee denim shorts with seam detail, €24.89, ASOS