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These Sandals Sold Out Everywhere Last Year - Here's How To DIY A Pair

Cheaper, and you get full creative control

Tevas, but even more trendy. 

If you're on Instagram, I don't need to explain the insane popularity of the Dad sandal. The so-bad-it's-good shoe style has been adopted by every cool girl with their weight in (hidden) likes and regardless of their sartorial repertoire or style, the utilitarian sandal somehow seems to work. 

No longer the preserve of tourists and adventure-type dads alike, if your summer shoe doesn't have foam soles, supportive straps and velcro fastenings - you're missing out.

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Every designer from Prada to Chloé is offering up a dad sandal for summer, but the brand that everyone is going wild for is a small brand that was only established last year by French designer, Leslie Halfon – Arizona Love.

Arizona Love

Arizona Love's signature sandal gives a modern edge to the classic Teva by wrapping them vintage bandana fabrics and coming in a variety of colour combos and patterns, they're gracing every fashion insider and influencer’s feet right now. As in, they're so popular, solid gold sandals might be easier to get your hand (or feet) on. 

But while mindlessly scrolling on Instagram this week, I spotted one of our favourite influencers sharing a chic DIY way to update your Tevas to look a little more Arizona Love - plus, you'll get full creative control on the choice of fabric too. 

Erica Chan Coffman of @honestlywtf and @honestlydiy shared the below post, proudly displaying her DIY-take on the trendy Dad sandal and a few quick clicks later, I was fully in the know about how she did it too. 

DIY Dad Sandals

On Erica's blog, she shares the step by step process of how she updated her Tevas using some cute Liberty floral fabric, and quite frankly, consider me #influenced. 

All you need is the below to get started 

  • Teva Original Sandal
  • bandanas
  • 1/2 yard of cotton fabric 
  • scissors
  • fabric or tacky glue
  • pins
  • sewing machine

Check our Erica's guide and tips on how to get you new sandals just right here.

I'm going to stock up on some fabric myself this weekend and have a craft-filled Bank Holiday, who's in? 

Main image by @the_real_lin_shady on Instagram

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