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Now That We're Allowed Go Outside Again, It's Time To Get Out Of Our Loungewear - Here's How

We like to call this loungewear in disguise

You needed to hear this. 

Over the last few months, everyone has developed different attitudes towards social-distancing dressing.

Whether you've become a comfy co-ord convert, a legging devotee or someone who need to dress smart to be productive, clothing has played an unexpectedly important role in the way we approach our working weeks. 

Now, as restrictions finally begin to ease and you go back to work, see your friends and family and most importantly, return to the shops - it's probably about time you slide out of the cereal stained loungewear you've been wearing on repeat and slide into actual clothes. 

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Before you panic, we're not talking about trying to squeeze yourself back into restrictive jeans and blouses - oh no. We're talking about putting together clothes that are inheritly comfy but just don't look it. 

Confused? Allow us to demonstrate. 

for when the weather hasn't made up it's mind...

Ivory Pleated Back Stripe Knitted Jumper, €49, Topshop


Denim Shorts High Waist, €27.99, H&M


Chunky Sole Flat Sports Sandals, €49.95, Zara


Ah Ireland, where one minute it's lashing raining and the next it's clear blue skies and 30° outside. On days like this, it can be hard to know what to wear. While we'd always recommend carrying an umbrella wherever you go, this outfit combination of denim shorts and a light knit is the perfect ensemble for indecisive weather. 

for your first day back to work...

Pinstripe Blazer, €75, ARKET


Flowing High Waist Trousers, €25.95, Zara


NIKE white air force 1 sage low trainers, €106, Schuch


It's been four long months since you were last in the office, return with a bang in a pinstripe blazer. It will give you the power needed to return to work after months spent at home. Pair with an elasticated pair of trousers and a white trainer for maximum comfort. 

for the days when you couldn't be bothered...

Puff Sleeve Wrap Maxi Dress, €99, & Other Stories




At face value, a dress might look and feel fancy — and that's the ultimate con that dress-wearers have pulled. In fact, it's one of the easiest things in the world to wear and requires the least amount of effort. In short: throw it on and go. It's that simple.

for when dresses aren't your bag...

Corduroy Knot Belt Jumpsuit, €99, & Other Stories


Puff-sleeved mesh top, €14.99, H&M


If throw-on-and-go dresses aren't your bag, may we interest you in a boilersuit? Like the older, more understated cousin of last summer's buttoned and printed jumpsuits, the utility boilersuit made its debut at the end of last year and has been going strong ever since. Step in, zip-up and go. Simple and comfortable. 


Monoprint square poly satin scarf in pink, €11.06, ASOS


Oversized Cotton Shirt, €39.99, H&M


Gingham Bikini Top, €18, Monki


Getting all dressed up has definitely taken on a new meaning since the beginning of the pandemic, and it's time to extend that to our swimwear options too. Since lockdown, a plethora of celebrities and influencers have all embraced the back garden bikini. Rather than stripping off completely, we recommend treating your swimsuits like tops. 

for socially distanced drinks...

Long Cardigan, €19.99, Stradivarius 


Sleeveless Top, €5.99, Bershka


Black Satin Slip Bias Skirt, €20, Topshop


Is there anything a satin slip skirt can't do? Stylish, check. Easy to throw on, check. Comfortable, check. Pair with an oversized cardigan and a simple white vest and you'll be so comfortable, you might just sleep in it. 

for when it's time to make friends with your jeans again...

Buttoned Cardigan, €19.95, Zara


White straight jeans, €64, Topshop


Now that lockdown restrictions are easing, it’s time to start wearing jeans again. Ease your way back into denim with loose comfortable styles such as straight leg jeans or flares. Opt for lighter shades to make your wardrobe feel more summery and stick to your trusty combination of ‘jeans and a nice top’ - you can’t go wrong. 

Main image by @angiesmithstyle on Instagram

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