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Influencer Emma Jane Cotter on Fashion, Future Plans and Work-Life Balance

She is genuinely Irish, we promise!

We're still not sure how she makes balancing a full-time tech position with a highly demanding Instagram presence look so easy! 

If you don't already follow Emma Jane Cotter, we'd recommend doing so immediately. 

The Dublin native's natural, cool-girl aesthetic has catalysed her Instagram account to success attracting over 18K followers and a number that continues to steadily rise. 

All long, perfectly mused hair and tanned coltish limbs, you might be excused for confusing Emma Jane with a member of the American or Aussie Insta-Set, but we can assure you, she's very much one of us. 

We grabbed five minutes with Emma Jane to find out more about turning your hobby into a creative outlet and ask about her plans for the future. 

Q: Let's start from the beginning, Tell us A little about your Background.

EJC: I’m twenty-four, I grew up in Dublin and I studied at University College Dublin for my undergraduate degree. I went on to study International Business Management for my masters and I graduated from that at twenty-two and ever since I have been working in tech. 

Q: Have you always wanted to pursue a career in the fashion industry? 

EJC: Yeah, for as long as I can remember. When I was a kid I used to organise fashion shows and I’d create fashion magazines and sell them to neighbours. I was always cutting up my clothes and creating new mom’s worst nightmare.

I loved it so much and obviously still do but I’m currently working in tech so I haven’t exactly pursued a career in fashion. It is a major hobby of mine, its what I do when I want to relax and brings me the most joy for sure. I suppose I always feared turning that into a fulltime career just in case it killed my passion for it, but who knows what the future has in store.

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Q: Your followers are Growing and your content is consistently evolving, can you share some more about how you've gotten to this point?  

EJC: Thank you, the intention wasn’t for it to become a job but it certainly has presented itself as an option, which is a complete dream! I think it's true that my style and content has definitely evolved so much from when I first started. If I narrow it down, I’d definitely say the time and effort I have put into it over the years has made all the difference. 

My weekends revolve around creating content and posts, so it definitely hasn't been an overnight success and I am still such a small fish in the sea. I think my passion does come through though, and high quality is crucial, so I'm more about that than a lot of lower-quality content. 

Q: Do you find maintaining a social media presence challenging? 

EJC: With working Monday to Friday, it’s definitely a challenge to remain consistent posting. I try to create as much content as possible during the weekend and then share stories during the week. I feel way too guilty for not having fresh content, but I think I am dealing with that. The guilt is the most challenging part, but I’m definitely learning to accept that I don’t always need to post just for the sake of it. 

Q: How do you stay positive and healthy both mentally and physically when Instagram tends to place people under a microscope? 

EJC: I tend to do spring-cleans of who I follow on Instagram. I don’t tend to follow people who promote an unhealthy body image or certain things because I think it’s too easy to constantly compare yourself in your life and focus on materialistic things. It (Instagram) can definitely lead you and has definitely led me down an unhealthy path of destruction. When I notice myself in that headspace I tend to cleanse who I follow. I try to become more conscious of how much time I spend on the platform and not let it consume you.

I have definitely found myself in those places where I would only ever think about Instagram and my weekends would just revolve around Instagram and going to places and doing things for Instagram. I was so unhappy and wasn’t enjoying myself. Over the last year or certainly over the last number of months I have taken a step back from it all and I think my content has benefited from it as well, just taking that step back and changing my perspective a bit. 

Q: Do you think you would ever branch into YouTube? 

EJC: Absolutely, YouTube is something I would actually love to do. I’ve thought about it so much and weighed up all of the benefits as such in my head. I definitely have a battle with myself anytime I go to start up a channel. I have such a fear of no one watching or failing or scrutinizing in any way. I think YouTube has become trendier in the last few years and a lot of people are, not moving away from Instagram entirely, but definitely, everyone who has an Instagram has a YouTube, it’s the new trendy platform for sure. It’s a bit more personal! 

Q: Where do you source your inspiration in terms of style? 

EJC: I tend to get my inspiration from Pinterest. I also love blogs of stylists; I follow a lot of them and obviously a lot from Instagram. I get a lot of my inspiration from Nordic influencers and stylists, I think their style is always so effortlessly elegant. 

Q: Who would your dream fashion collaboration be with? 

EJC: That’s a fun one. I think I would really love to work with Revolve, I think all of the trips that they do and all the clothing brands they actually have within their brand are definitely my style. They just seem like a really fun brand to work with so that would definitely be a dream. 

Q: What advice could you offer to someone who was hoping to brand themselves on Instagram? 

EJC: I would definitely say just to go for it! I get asked this question a lot actually and I see a lot of people get asked it as well. Some people say the market is too saturated, and yes it definitely is - there are a lot of bloggers and brands out there, but I would definitely just go for it.

I think by staying true to yourself, your style and what you’re passionate about you’ll naturally be successful at it. I think its people’s love and genuineness for what they do is the recipe for success in all aspects of life, but certainly for Instagram.

Q: What is the main goal you're hoping to accomplish within the next year? 

EJC: To grow my channel and personal brand a bit more. I think I have definitely come into my own a bit more over the past couple of months and I would love to see my channel grow and expand the types and forms of content I create, maybe start a YouTube channel.

I would also like to expand the list of brands I have collaborated with. I'm picky with brands that I collaborate with, I don’t just do it with anyone, they need to fit with my own style. I have to love the brand before working with them. 

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