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The 4 New Engagement Ring Trends Every Cool Bride Should Be Seen Wearing

Think dainty bands, loads of color, and Meghan Markle's go-to cut.

Engagement season is pretty much from now until February, so if you're dropping hints, buying your own, or just want to send some ideas to your soon-to-be betrothed, then you might want to consider one of the engagement ring trends below

According to Pinterest, we’re well into the time of year that searches for engagement rings increase by an average of 40%. June to January is officially engagement season, says the inspiration site. So whether you’re waiting on that big question or far from it, what’s the harm in having a gawk at some of the most popular styles for the upcoming year? If you are in that place, it’s definitely acceptable to leave this article open on your laptop at home or accidentally forward it on to one of your partner's confidants. 

While classic cuts and colours continue to reign in the engagement ring world, there are always some trends that could make your choice stand out from everyone else's and help guide your partner into picking your perfect style. And given the fact we're a trend-focused bunch here at Irish Tatler, we wanted to look at engagement rings through that lens. Let's face it, even though they're a jewellery staple that's supposed to be a "forever" item, they're also subject to the ups and downs of the trend cycle.

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So to get you up to speed on which ring styles will be the most popular for brides-to-be in 2020, we tapped an expert who knows a lot more about the topic than we do. We spoke to Jason D’Heureux, creative director of Taylor & Hartwho specialises in creating stunning yet personal engagement rings and he clued us into the only engagement ring trends worth paying attention to this year. 

Scroll down to learn everything you need to know about the engagement ring trends for the year ahead and peruse our picks of the incoming trends.

super skinny bands

"Among 2020's most prominent engagement ring trends is the move away from the less traditional side stones to the more classical, smaller daintier band, with both plain and pavé bands being centre stage for the upcoming year. Megan Markle’s recently updated engagement ring was a micro pavé design given to her by Prince Harry and has been responsible for this trend carrying so much weight," says D’Heureux

Aflutter, €2,040, Taylor & Hart

Harmony ASHOKA® Cut In 18ct Rose Gold, POA, Boodles

Platinum and pear shape cut diamond engagement ring, €5,585, Weir & Sons

east-west settings

The classics are undeniable as far as engagement rings go but a subtle shift in perspective will modernize a timeless look, bringing nuance and directional appeal to an otherwise traditional ring. That look du jour is east-west set engagement rings and thankfully, D’Heureux agrees: "east and West orientated Diamond and Gemstone settings are also being rejuvenated this year."

Purity, €930, Taylor & Hart

Double Vintage ASHOKA® Diamond Ring, POA, Boodles


"Millennials have been redefining the gemstone market and we have since seen an influx in alternative gemstones, while we don’t offer salt and pepper diamonds or softer gemstones like morganite, we get lots of requests for them. Coloured gemstones such as bi-coloured sapphires coming out of East Africa are continuing to be one of the most popular gemstones," says D’Heureux

Paraiba Tourmaline Engagement, POA, Taylor & Hart

Vintage Cushion Cut Yellow Diamond Ring, POA, Boodles


"Within the industry, there has been a massive increase in interest for lab-grown diamonds as well as, CanadaMark and other fully traceable diamonds. Consumers are becoming more conscientious of; where their clothes are manufactured; and where their gemstones come from. This, on the whole, can only be good for the industry overall, with lab-grown diamonds forcing traditional jewellers to offer more value and transparency to their customers." says D’Heureux

Celestial, €2,250, Taylor & Hart

Main image by @clemrawinski on Twitter

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