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Celebrate New Freedoms with Zalando’s Festival of Optimism on the Summer Solstice

Party from sunrise to sunset on June 21st

This summer, online fashion and lifestyle platform Zalando has been celebrating a sense of renewed liberty and adventure with their ‘Activists of Optimism’ campaign, giving a stage to real people who turn their optimism into positive action. 

This summer solstice, Zalando’s will host its ‘Festival of Optimism’, gathering together some of Europe’s top DJs and emerging artists, including Channel Tres, Tender Games and House Gospel Choir for the Longest Set of Summer, to coincide with the longest day of the year this Monday, June 21st.  

The Festival of Optimism

The virtual celebration will be hosted via a live stream, in partnership with Mixmag on Mixmag’s YouTube channel and will last a bumper 16 hours and 38 minutes. The Festival of Optimism is just one part of the ‘Activists of Optimism,’ which has been inspiring joy and positivity across Europe through a mix of physical and virtual happenings.  

Some of the events so far have included dancing on the streets of Copenhagen with dance group Studio 10, Pop artist Emma Marrone getting Italy singing at her concert, a series of art installations by artists Lisa Larsson and Madelen Mӧllard in Stockholm through to a digital dance challenge with world-renowned French choreographer, Salif.

Check out the Longest Set of Summer playlist by Mixmag on Spotify and head to Mixmags YouTube channel to check out the live stream and celebrate the end of Zalando’s Festival of Optimism.

Listen to the Longest Set of Summer on Spotify playlist HERE.

Check out the set on Mixmag's YouTube HERE.

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