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Depop Drama: This Instagram Will Have You Giving Your Old Clothes To Charity Again

Going by these exchanges, even the promise of making five-figure salaries from second-hand clothes isn't worth the drama.

Save yourself the hassle, donate it to the SVP. 

If you're not familiar with the marketplace app, allow us to provide some Depop context, before we delve right in. 

With a community of over 13 million, Depop is a social shopping app that sits somewhere between eBay and Instagram and enables (mostly) industrious Gen Zers to sell their pre-loved clothes and build on their multihyphenate empire, one pair of neon Lycra bicycle shorts at a time. 

After launching in 2011 in Milan, Depop's reach has spread to 147 countries around the world and despite pricing - on average - being quite low, some users are commanding serious capital, delivering great customer service and noticing niches in the market. 

Sounds seamless, right? Well, that's mere but a good PR job. 

Depop Drama 

According to a shade-throwing, anonymous Instagram account, buying and selling on Depop isn't quite the walk in the park the app makes out.

Somewhat like @DietPrada for the fashion industry and @EsteeLaundry for the beauty scene, @Depopdrama - run by a London-based creative - is dedicated to airing the exchanges that go on in the Private DMs on Depop – and if you don't already follow the account, then prepare to be baffled. 

Everything from old underwear being left in the pre-worn items to unsolicited sexual advances, the Instagram chronicles screenshots of the bizarre messages exchanged by users, and only for they're there in black and white, you'd be questioning their legitimacy. 

"'There are literally no boundaries. People are ruthless and they just don’t care. People are behind a screen, and kind of know that they’re never going to meet the person on the other end of the messages,” the account's founder told Dazed in an interview. 

When asked about how they came about building their extensive screenshot archive, the account's founder said it all started as a joke between friends. 

I started getting these crazy messages from people and ended up screenshotting them and sending them to my mates. Before I knew it, I had a bit of an archive of images of all these messages.

With over 250 submissions coming in a week, and only the best actually making @DepopDrama's grid, we've rounded up 10 of our weird and wonderous favourite screenshots, for you to get a flavour of what to expect. 

The Cheap One 

The Paranoid One 

The Shameless One 

The Sloppy One 

The Chancer One 

The Safety-First One 

The Snack-Happy One 

The Hustler One 

The Unlucky-In-Love One

The Doesn't-Know-When-To-Stop One

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