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Gigi Hadid Escorted Away A French Prankster Who Crashed The Chanel Runway

The supermodel saved the day.

Gigi Hadid proved she could start moonlighting as a bodyguard during the Chanel SS20 runway show on Tuesday when one woman decided to crash the finale.

On Tuesday, at Chanel’s Spring 2020 runway show in Paris, French comedian Marie Benoliel pulled a stunt which involved crashing the runway and joining in the rest of the show. 

Despite clearly not belonging on the catwalk, the show's security was unable to remove the woman — dressed in a classic tweed ensemble similar to those the house is famous for — so Hadid did what had to be done and escorted her from the set.

The woman has since been identified as Marie S'Infiltre, a French YouTuber and comedian best known for infiltrating spaces for the sake of comedy some 200,000 followers on Youtube and Instagram tuning in to watch her antics.

In one video of the incident, Benoliel is seen being confronted by Hadid, who led her off the runway in order to get the show back on track.

S'Infiltre seems pretty proud of herself for the act, posting a screenshot of coverage from French media hub 20 Minutes to her Instagram grid, joking in her caption that the Etam runway was right next door.

Just last week, S'Infiltre crashed the Etam runway as well, though based on the videos she seems to have stood out a bit more to the crowd. S'Infiltre has since posted a clip to her YouTube channel threading together the attention she received on social media for the act.

Undoubtedly, there will be a similar video recapping her Chanel shenanigans soon.

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