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I Was Supposed To Attend Coachella This Weekend, Here's What I Was Going To Wear

Care to join me in a spot of retail therapy for vicarious pleasure anyone?

Let's not talk about the fact I will no longer get to see Frank Ocean... 

As the headline of this article might allude to, this weekend, I should have been headed to The Golden State for two glorious, sunshine-filled weeks. Obviously, my trip is no longer on the cards thanks to a certain global pandemic and while I fully appreciate that staying home is not only is the right thing to do, but that it's also a very small price to pay to serve the greater good, I'm equally a little bummed to be staycationing for the foreseeable.

All that said, somewhere in a parallel, COVID-19-free universe, I'd like to think that I've shopped like a copycat Cali-cool girl, my outfits are planned and packed with expert precision (key to avoiding all packing-related anxiety) and I'm all set to sip green juice with Los Angeles’ chicest locals. 

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Prepping for the trip, I tried to conduct a quick anthropological study of the cool, laid-back style that comes so naturally to West Coasters and while I was still a long way from figuring out the formula, I certainly noticed some common threads. From saturated and ’70s-ish throw-on dresses to mood-enhancing denim and vintage-looking surf tees repping Venice Beach, there were so many items that are fundamental to the Californian identity and right now, H&M's 'New Arrivals' tab seems to have tapped into exactly that aesthetic. (I really should inform parallel universe me!) 

Bringing some sunshine to our living rooms via easy-to-style pieces stepped in Californian spirit, I still maintain these H&M buys would fit just as well into a working-from-home wardrobe as they would a holiday one.

Care to join me in a spot of retail therapy for vicarious pleasure anyone? Scroll on to see what would have been packed in my Cali-bound suitcase...

Puff-sleeved dress, €22.99 - SHOP 

Bikini top, €14.99 - SHOP

Bikini bottoms High Waist, €14.99 - SHOP

Loose Straight High Jeans, €39.99 - SHOP 

T-shirt with a print motif, €9.99 - SHOP 

Pleated skirt, €22.99 - SHOP 

Short necklace, €6.99 - SHOP

Patterned dress, €19.99 - SHOP 

Shell-shaped clutch, €34.99 - SHOP 

Puff-sleeved wrapover blouse, €19.99 - SHOP 

Chunky-soled sandals, €22.99 - SHOP 

Boxy sweatshirt, €22.99 - SHOP 

Scrunchies (2 pack), €7.99 - SHOP 

Sweatshirt shorts, €14.99 - SHOP 

Hoop earrings, €7.99 - SHOP 

Ankle-length jumpsuit, €22.99 - SHOP 

Leather biker jacket, €129 - SHOP 

Trainers, €22.99 - SHOP 

Main image by @niamhcullen on Instagram

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