11 Leather Trousers For Those Of You Who Hate Leather Trousers

Leather weather.

Let me change your mind...

I have never worn, let alone purchased, a pair of leather pants in my life.

For me, they conjure up images of the hedonistic lifestyles of 1980s hair rock bands such as Whitesnake, Mötley Crüe and Twisted Sister in head-to-toe leather with gravity-defying hair (which, FYI, is very much my aesthetic). But with 0% stretch, leather is way more unforgiving than my beloved denim (which I end up unbuttoning after every meal). Its bodycon aesthetic makes me self-conscious, and as someone who hates “breaking in” anything, the stiffness of leather scares me a lot.

This season, though, as we’ve all started to embrace our autumn wardrobes, I’ve been really tempted to try them out. Especially after seeing so many great street styles looks recently with buttery soft pairs in not just black but soft pastels as well. When I mentioned my leather trouser intrigue to my Whatsapp group, I was met with an array of Ross Geller gifs.

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So, yes, they may remind me of 1980s hair rock bands combined with Ross Geller. And yes, the very idea of leather pants make my stomach bloat. But the more I see these leather pants parading down my Instagram feed, the more I want to own a pair, so I went on the hunt for the best ones out there.

I made a carefully selected edit of 11 pairs of leather pants that'll make my winter (and yours) complete. From Topshop to Zara these are the styles that even I—the last person you'd ever imagine wearing leather pants—would consider replacing my beloved mom jeans for. 


Remember what I said about not all leather pants being black?

Burgundy Faux Leather Trousers, €52, Topshop

An elasticated waist? Maybe leather pants CAN be comfortable. 

Faux Leather Slouchy Trouser, €29.95, Zara

Making leather office appropriate.

Leather Culottes, €249, & Other Stories

A skinny leg that'd give Kate Moss circa 2001 a run for her money. 

High Waist Trousers, €22.99, H&M

V Maid in Manhattan. 

Leather Trousers by Topshop Boutique, €295, Topshop

Forget everything I said about leather trousers not being comfortable.

Leather Joggers, €25.99, Pull and Bear

Whitesnake eat your heart out. 

Snakeprint leather-look trousers, €38.71, ASOS

Khaki is the new black. 

Faux Leather Trousers, €61, Warehouse

The most flattering of waists. 

Paperbag waist leather trousers, €299, & Other Stories

Leather pants and cowboy boots? Sign me up. 

Imitation Leather Pants, €34.99, H&M

Faux Leather Trousers, €39.95, Zara

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