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Celebrity Stylist Angie Smith On How To Correctly Clear Out Your Wardrobe

Tidy wardrobe, tidy mind.

The UK-born, now Oz-living stylist is the woman behind Holly Willougby’s wardrobe. 

If you're the kind of soul prone to hoarding, you might welcome the extra time being in quarantine heralds. Whether it’s under the guise of spring cleaning or simply adopting a more minimal approach to clothes this decade, doing a good, deep wardrobe purge is a great way to start things afresh. 

Feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of clothes in your cupboard? Remember the days when the hangers used to move freely and everything wasn't double or even tripled layered in your drawers? Don't worry, us too. 

That's why, when scrolling Instagram stories over the weekend, we felt compelled to follow celebrity stylist and all-round cool girl, Angie Smith's suit and finally found the motivation to get rid of those tatty jumpers and old jeans we don't wear anymore. 

Angie maintains that there isn’t a better feeling than giving away what you don’t use/need and when you can actually clearly see what you have, it will make you feel as you have much more to wear - without needing to buy a thing. 

With her sought-after reputation in showbiz, as well as her own super-chic style on social, we're assuming Angie knows what a hardworking wardrobe looks like and so, we've followed her editing advice to the letter. 

Here are her top tips to make your next wardrobe cleansing session count... 

Step 1. 

Take everything out of your wardrobe.

That's right, empty the entirety of your wardrobe and drawers and pile it on top of your bed. (Provides good incentive to actually see the job through, otherwise, you won't be able to go to sleep that night!)

Step 2. 

Be honest about whether you've worn an item over the last 12 months. 

Pick up each item and ask yourself if it has seen the light of day in the last year. If not, why? Is there something stopping you from wearing it: does it require mending or some alterations made to it? Maybe it needs dry cleaning? Is it a case that the item just doesn't fit anymore and you're holding onto it for sentimental reasons? 

When it comes to any of the above, Angie suggests making the below separate piles... 

Pile 1 - All items to go straight to the charity shop of your choice.

Pile 2 - The (few) sentimental pieces that you're holding on to for memories-sake. Make sure to have them dry cleaned or mended, if needed, before storing away. 

Pile 3 - Everything else to go back into your wardrobe, hung neatly in order of style or colour if you're especially pedantic. 

Step 3. 

Don't procrastinate with the rest.

Times are obviously different right now and rules around social-distancing should absolutely be adhered to, but once normality resumes, don't waste time taking the items intended for the charity shop to said charity shop. For the items that you've been putting off dry cleaning or having altered, don't hang them back in your wardrobe until they're perfectly ready to wear. 

If you're handy with a sewing kit yourself, use isolation as an excuse to start some of the smaller jobs, like replacing missing buttons etc. – you'd be surprised on the skills you can add to your repertoire after watching a couple of YouTube videos. 

With bigger jobs, often it's worth just paying a professional to do it right. 

Step 4. 

Add finesse. 

If you haven't already lost the will to live by now, Angie recommends adding some extra finesse to the situation by washing and ironing anything that's to go back into your wardrobe before doing so (hey, we've got nothing but time!). This ensures everything in there is available to wear when the occasion arises. 

Step 5.

Think of friends first. 

If you're the fashionable one in your group, your pals could possibly appreciate a look at what you're chucking out, so why not call them on Zoom for a virtual fashion show and see if they find an item they love. Agree that, in return for their pre-loved find, they'll donate to COVID-19 efforts or charity of their choice. 

Step 6.

Resist the urge. 

If you're a born-maximalist, try your hardest to resist the urge to instantly fill up the newly reclaimed wardrobe space. And whatever you do, do NOT buy anything in the charity shop whilst dropping your items off. Baby steps, yeah? 

Follow Angie Smith at @angiesmithstyle for more wardrobe tips, tricks and incredible style. 

Main image by @angiesmithstyle on Instagram

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