Swimwear season can be daunting at the best of times, but effectively co-ordinating your poolside look doesn't have to be.

It often feels like there are two camps of women in this world: those, with pencil-slim figures, who can pick up a bikini off the rack and know that the same size will snuggly fit both bust and bum. And those, for whom finding a top-and-bottoms combo that keeps everything intact simultaneously seems to be a lifetime tug of war.  

I for one, am a passport-carrying member of camp number two. Every summer, I struggle to get my head around how my different ratios (read: 🍐) will work in harmony in one bikini.

The solution: simply avoid those sold in sets! At this rate, I can't remember the last time I blindly picked up a two-piece hoping that the number on the hanger would work all over. I've come to realise that with the right co-ordination, contrasting swimwear is actually a hell of a lot more flattering.

My pre-vacation gift for you: a primer to help pears stop battling the omnipresent BIKINI FEAR once and for all. 

Animal Print + Block Colours


Why it works? A top in a flashier print will naturally draw attention upwards. For most pear-shaped girls, the aim is to highlight your best assets (a petite chest) while downplaying others (thighs, dat u?)

Pretty Little Thing Leopard Print Top (18) x H&M Tie Tanga Bottoms (4.99)

High Waisted Bottoms + Bandeau Tops


Why it works? Retro-style bikini bottoms naturally cinch you in at your narrowest point: your waist. When offset with an itty bitty top, the result is a universally appealing hourglass silhouette.  

Jaded London Heart Ring Top (€19) x Peak & Beau Stripe Bottoms (12)

Clashing Prints

Why it works? Why not! Artfully mixing your swimwear separates ensures an individual look tailored to perfectly suit both your personality and your figure. Tried-and-tested combos include marrying stripes with polkadots, fruit motifs with kitschy gingham, and floral patterns with just about anything you can think of. 

&Other Stories Ruffle Halter (€15) x Lisa Marie Fernandez Polka Dot Bonded (€110