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How To Wear A Satin Slip Skirt In Summer

When I die, bury me in a slip skirt.

The skirt trend that just won't quit...

When I scroll through my 'saved' section on Instagram there are a disproportionate amount of cute dog pictures, pop culture memes, makeup looks that, realistically, I'll never actually be able to achieve and satin midi skirts. 

Already a few seasons deep, but with no intention of fading back out - the latter has surpassed trend status and has become a wardrobe staple. First emerging last Autumn, the satin midi skirt was the perfect accompaniment to cardigans, chunky knits and roll necks. 

However, as seasons change and temperatures begin to ever so slowly rise, the perils of styling a delicate garment like a satin midi skirt knows no bounds. 

Flattering, lightweight and incredibly comfortable, a satin midi skirt holds all the power of summer dressing so why is it I'm finding the skirt that got my legs through winter so problematic? 

Unsurprisingly, the issue isn't with this butter-soft one-and-done silhouette, it's with me and my failure to understand how to dress for warm weather. I like layers. 

When faced with any issue whether it be big or small, I take to Instagram to solve distract from it. Yet on this occasion, my mindlessly scrolling and double tapping actually solved my satin slip styling woes - not just once, but eight times.

Satin Slip Skirt ft. Bustier & Blazer

The epitome of dressy casual.

Satin Slip Skirt ft. A Band Tee

The elegance of the skirt and the edge of a band tee makes you walking juxtaposition, chic.

Satin Slip Skirt ft. Tie Dye & A Bucket Hat

Matching trends with trends.

Satin Slip Skirt ft. A Summer Knit

Deconstructed knitwear is set to be a major trend of AW'19/20, stay ahead of the curve.

Satin Slip Skirt ft. A Matching Silk Cami

Like a dress, only better.

Satin Slip Skirt ft. A Bikini

For when you've got sunbathing at 4 pm and Dinner at 5 pm

Satin Slip Skirt ft. Clashing Blouse

When it comes to clashing, there's a fine line between looking like you got dressed in the dark and making it look good. Steer clear of prints, grab your colour wheel.

Satin Slip Skirt ft. A Classic White T-Shirt

The official uniform of summer; white t-shirt, slip skirt and sandals.

Main image by @mariaalia on Instagram

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