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What To Wear To Work – When You're Working From Home

Aside from your pyjamas.

Whether you’re working from home or settling in for a Netflix night, upgrade your stay-at-home style with the best cosy separates and luxury loungewear pieces to buy now. 

Have you been affected by Coronavirus office closures? As the health epidemic spreads around the world, more and more companies are taking preventative measures and closing their offices or urging employees to work from home.

While creating a dedicated place to work within your home is crucial to maintaining a sense of normalcy, so is choosing a working from home outfit that creates a boundary between your personal life and your work life.

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The pursuit to find a 'working from home' outfit that wasn't just my pyjamas lead me to discover a new word: huffle-buffs. Not a Harry Potter fan club, rather an old Scots word for clothes that are comfy, well-worn and born for lounging. Your huffle-buffs are, in the words of Susie Dent, the clothes you put on with an exhale of relief on Friday night that you don’t peel off again until Monday morning. (Answers on a postcard as to how rocking my weekends are.)

Karl Lagerfeld once said that the moment you pull on track bottoms, it’s a sign you’ve given up on life:

Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants.

Frankly, I disagree. And the fashion world has caught up. I’ve spotted a suspicious amount of leggings-as-trousers at fashion week, the just-in section in Zara has traded mega brights for marl joggers and for influencers, dressing head to toe in tracksuits is no longer reserved for #airportchic. The crux of the trend is quite simple: you’re dressing like you’re not leaving the house but, in fact, you’re out to brunch, breezing around the office or meeting your gal-pal
for an Aperol Spritz.

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According to trend forecasters, in 2020 we are set to witness the rise of the ‘work from home
outfit’ which basically refers to dressing as close to pyjamas as you can, but looking just respectable enough that you won’t be fired should you have to dial into a Zoom video chat.Perhaps we’re all too cool to make an effort these days, or perhaps we’ve just become marvellously lazy. Either way, this lazy bum is here for the leggings.

Pair with a blazer for a more professional feel.

Knit Jogging Top, €29.95, Zara

Knit Jogging Trousers, €29.95, Zara

White shirts scream business casual. 

White Linen Nightshirt, €34.99, H&M

Pair this with the shirt above for an office outfit that is actually comfortable.

Pyjama Bottoms, €14.99, H&M

Like satin pyjamas, but better.

Satin Joggers, €29.95, Zara

Elasticated waists are key. 

Suit Laces Pant, €25.99, Mango

Wear with a roll neck underneath and you'll be both professional and comfortable. 

Ribbed Button Jumpsuit, €34, Topshop

Casual Fridays have a whole new meaning. 

Lila Calypso Silk Pyjama, €550, Olivia Von Halle

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