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9 Styling Ideas That Will Make Your Loungewear Acceptable To Wear Outdoors

Party on the top, comfort on the bottom...

Because let's face it, nobody is anywhere near ready for jeans yet...

It's been 15 long weeks since we were all encouraged to stay at home where possible. It's been 13 long weeks since staying at home was not just encouraged, but government-enforced. Therefore, it's been 89 days (not that anyone is counting) since we ditched denim, buttons and zippers and embraced a life spent in elasticated waists, jersey and cotton. 

However, with such copious wear comes inevitable outfit boredom. How are you supposed to feel inspired about styling an outfit that has become the closest thing you have to a second skin? 

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Well, that's where we come in.

As a necessary public service, we thought we'd do a roundup our favourite ways to style tracksuit bottoms (asides from with the hoodie you've been wearing since lockdown was first introduced). From this quarantine's most popular trend, tie-dye, to a few interesting ways to layer cardigans, camisoles and more, here's how to make your trusty wfh outfit feel fresh. 

...and a nice top

The nice top formula is nothing new. It's the not-so-secret outfit formula that has been uttered across WhatsApp groups, Facebook groups and group chats, for years that's complemented beautifully by a humble pair of denim jeans. But now that anything without an elasticated waist is officially cancelled, you're probably wondering what to do with the array of 'nice tops' hanging in your wardrobe. Easy - pair with your tracksuit bottoms. 

just dye it

While the rest of the internet unleashes their inner bakers, there's a very niche pack who have unleashed their inner artists - but not in the way of paint and canvas. Instead, they're opting for at-home tie-dye kits and even household bleach to turn there once boring loungewear sets into something colourful. Tie-dye occupies a very specific space in the "throwback trend" conversation: like platform sandals and prairie dresses, it brings us back to simpler times—childhood summers, arts and crafts, you know, things from the outside before coronavirus swept the globe. And sometimes dressing as you did in your happiest memories can feel comforting.

cover up

All over Copenhagen and New York Fashion Week, people attended shows in tracksuits. But there was one other styling trick that all of them used to define this very 2020 take on the tracksuit: a great coat worn over the top. Not only is the tracksuit smartened up by the addition of a coat but it's also the ideal sort of outfit for the weekend. The fact that it's super comfortable is just a happy coincidence. Perfect for your runs to the supermarket...

crop it

For when it gets too hot to wear loungewear but you still want your comfort, one of the cosiest items you can wear for summer at home is a pair of shorts in either linen, sweatshirt or jersey fabrics. Only have shorts of the denim variety? Don't fret. Topshop, Zara and H&M all have a whole host of sweat-shorts for you to introduce into your WFH wardrobe. Or, do what we did and root through your drawers. Even if you've never played sport in your life, chances are there are a pair of elasticated football shorts with your name on them. They can be surprisingly chic (see above). 

just like denim

Possibly the easiest way to incorporate tracksuit bottoms into your everyday wardrobe is by wearing joggers that look like jeans. Opt for denim tones and pair how you would with your trusty mom jeans. Similar fit but a thousand times comfier. What's not to love?

chain reaction

After months of bundling up in turtlenecks and scarves, it's finally time to let your neck see the sun again, even if no one else will. While you could let that get you down, we say take it as an opportunity to feel boujée. Though dainty gold chains have been decorating the décolletage for seasons, right now, it's all about chunky gold-chain necklaces. You can thank the return of the '80s for this one.

smarten up

There is no quicker or easier way to make yourself feel like your have your life together than throwing a blazer on top of your outfit. No matter what you’re wearing underneath, it will instantly morph you into the professional, well-deserving recipient of a Businesswoman of the Year Award—and that includes activewear. The blazer-meets-track-pants look is basically the wardrobe equivalent of “business on the top, comfort on the bottom,” aka the ideal way to make athleisure appropriate for literally any your 9 am Zoom calls. 

Tie The Knot

Over the past few months, we've regularly seen jumpers tied around shoulders or diagonally across the chest on the streetwear scene. Everyone from Bella Hadid to Alexa Chung and Olivia Palermo has been in on the styling trick. But, the latest look – which will go excellently with your tracksuit bottoms – is to take a hoodie or sweatshirt and tie it around your waist. Athleisure just got preppy.

50 shades of grey

If all else fails, stick to what you know. Grey is a fashion staple. Grey tracksuits? Less so. But now that we're all staying at home, it's time to let the colour shine by itself and in the form of the grey tracksuit. We admit we were a little sceptical at first, but after we've seen pretty much every Insta-cool-girl embracing the grey trackie, we were quick to realise that this is more than just an outfit you throw on when hungover, it's fashion. 

Main image by @claire_most on Instagram

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