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Your Work-From-Home Wardrobe, Sorted: Tracksuits, But Make It Fashion

Tracksuit bottoms: no longer just for the couch.

Tracksuits, like leggings and other traditional fitness gear that has become stylish, is rising up the wardrobe ranks.

Just when we thought the athleisure trend had reached its peak, fashion threw us a curveball. 

Sporting a 90’s feel, this new athleisure trend is the infamous coverall, the tracksuit.

A natural extension of the seemingly unstoppable reign of athleisure, the tracksuit — and more specifically, tracksuit bottoms — is back from the depths of your drawer and taking pride place amongst your jeans, dresses and leather pants.

Tracksuits, like leggings and other traditional fitness gear that has become stylish, is rising up the wardrobe ranks.

Once reserved for couch potatoes and fitness fiends, tracksuits still have their signature grey wash, the silhouette is more fitted and the hem is strategically cut. They're worn with heels, instead of trainers (sometimes).

Tracksuits have infiltrated street style shots and Instagram feeds, with fashion houses like Gucci and Balenciaga offering up their own versions.

Of course, there also some additional styling notes to be aware of to ensure that your tracksuit is the chicest it can be. For example, wearing an of-the-moment pearl necklace or a simple black blazer will also give this look a fashion boost.

Ready to see how you'll style it? Keep scrolling. 

50 Shades of grey

Grey is a fashion staple. Grey tracksuits? Less so. But it's 2020 now and the fashion set is saying it's time to let the colour shine by itself and in the form of the grey tracksuit.

We admit we were a little sceptical at first, but after we've seen pretty much every Insta-cool-girl embracing the grey trackie, we were quick to realise that this is more than just an outfit you throw on when hungover, it's fashion. 

just like denim

Possibly the easiest way to incorporate tracksuit bottoms into your everyday wardrobe is by wearing joggers that look like jeans.

Opt for denim tones and pair how you would with your trusty mom jeans. Similar fit but a thousand times comfier. What's not to love?

are you teddy?

Just when you thought the humble tracksuit couldn't get any more comfortable, we present you with a teddy coat tracksuit combo. 

A gold chain, court shoes and a clutch bag is exactly why this tracksuit looks good enough for a night out on a Saturday. 


All over Copenhagen and New York Fashion Week, people attended shows in tracksuits. But there was one other styling trick that all of them used to define this very 2020 take on the tracksuit: a great coat worn over the top.

Not only is the tracksuit smartened up by the addition of a coat but it's also the ideal sort of outfit for the weekend. The fact that it's super comfortable is just a happy coincidence.

blaze(R) Squad

There is no quicker or easier way to make yourself feel like a grownup adult than throwing a blazer on top of your outfit. No matter what you’re wearing underneath, it will instantly morph you into the professional, well-deserving recipient of a Businesswoman of the Year Award—and that includes activewear.

The blazer-meets-track-pants look is basically the wardrobe equivalent of “business on the top, comfort on the bottom,” aka the ideal way to make athleisure appropriate for literally any scenario. 

boot it

We're not going to lie to you: The whole tucking trousers into boots thing is synonymous with off-beat fashion references you may not be keen on. Pirates do it. Puss in Boots would be nothing without it. Zorro...need we go on?

But trust Instagram to redefine the rules. 

Never in our wildest dreams would we have ever thought of wearing tanned mid-ankle boots with grey tracksuit bottoms tucked in, but the formula is happening all over our feed and soon our legs.


Over the past few months, we've regularly seen jumpers tied around shoulders or diagonally across the chest on the streetwear scene.

Everyone from Bella Hadid to Alexa Chung and Olivia Palermo has been in on the styling trick. But, the latest look – which will go excellently with your tracksuit bottoms – is to take a hoodie or sweatshirt and tie around a plain white tee. Athleisure just got preppy. 

Main image by @mvb

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