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My Pre-Loved Fashion Picks: With Influencer, Emma Jane Cotter

She describes her style as the three Cs; classic, casual and chic.

Grab a notebook because this is how a pros shop vintage... 

With her year-round healthy glow, a slew of cool-girl summer dresses, an array of great denim and enviable handbag hardware, you might be fooled in scrolling by Emma Jane Cotter, confusing her with a member of the American or Aussie Insta-Set. 

But Emma Jane is very much one of our own and with sustainability being one of the hottest topics in the fashion industry, she's part of a fresh crop of influencers that celebrate a healthy love for collecting special vintage pieces for their wardrobes. 

“There is something so thrilling about designer vintage shopping and knowing that there are stories and memories behind every piece.” Places like Vestiaire Collective are constantly bookmarked for the influencer, who cites her style as the three Cs; classic, casual and chic.

The New-Gen Mindset 

As an influencer with over 18,000 followers, Emma Jane is part of a new-gen leading the charge when it comes to sustainable thinking - as a way of life rather than a considered change. Such a mindset is clear from the conscious consumer choices of her generation, she says, citing the current trend for vintage It bags as a case in point.

The comeback of 90s nostalgia items like the Prada Mini Nylon Sport Bags, the Louis Vuitton Speedy, Lady Dior and Dior Saddle bags is the ultimate example of our mindset today. Personally, I always travel with my vintage Montsouris LV Backpack.

It’s catching in her following too, which she notes have gotten “far more sustainably conscious” in the last few years. “I think it has come down to the fact that it has been made even easier to snap up a great vintage piece through online resellers such as Vestiaire Collective. It allows everyone to buy and sell second-hand fashion.”

Fashion With Heart 

What quantifies a typical treasured piece for EJ (we're on nickname terms, right)? Something with heart, she can add to her stable of forever pieces. “The point of collecting well-made, designer pieces is with the hope of one day being able to pass them down or sell on as vintage, but I love knowing that when I do begin to sell my pieces that they will be loved as much as me by somebody new.” It’s emotive too.

Some of my favourite vintage pieces are from my mum’s closet, but my most loved vintage piece has to be my Chanel brooch, it is something that was passed down to me and something I hope to one day pass down. 

Shop Emma Jane Cotter's Pre-Loved Fashion Edit...

Saint Laurent Trainers, €220, Vestiaire Collective - SHOP

Self Portrait Dress, €120, Vestiaire Collective - SHOP

Acne Studios Leather Biker Jacket, €674, Vestiaire Collective - SHOP

Cartier Love Yellow Gold Bracelet, €4,982, Vestiaire Collective - SHOP

Chloé 'C' Mini Leather Bag, €1,050, Vestiaire Collective - SHOP

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