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Influencer Ruthy Ruby On Style, Empowerment And What She Won't Leave Home Without

We love a creative soul.

And the prize for dreamiest aesthetic goes too...

Cork native, Ruth Walsh (Ruthy Ruby) encapsulates a vintage, New York-style perfectly mixed with Parisian chic.

The proof can be seen in her arty Instagram content, of which we are completely obsessed, and forever taking style notes from.

Aside from her fashion sense, the up-and-coming influencer has certainly become one-to-watch from her refreshingly light-hearted, positive and candour in her videos, to her career journey that included a stint in New York.

Ruth’s charisma and negativity filter champion how special individuality is and why the opinions of others couldn’t be of less importance. 

If her future is anything to judge off her success path so far, we’re thinking it’s going to be a good one.

A feel-good 5 minutes were much needed with Ruth to get to know her a little better, but, if this conversation is a bit too much on the short side be sure to check out her YouTube and Instagram for endless creativity and a happiness boost - you’re already following though, right?

What has been the biggest highlight of your year so far?

The highlight of my year so far has been accepting the fact that I was happy to move home from New York. It really was such a lovely feeling, to be sure that the move home was the right one.

Leaving the people that mean so much to me there was the hardest part, but I know I'll be with them again soon and I speak with them every day. Everything else in terms of moving home has been just a lovely feeling.

Where is the perfect chill spot in Dublin to do some work?

I put this call out on my Instagram when I moved up here and got some great responses but my fav so far has been TwoFifty Square (they have a high ceiling which is actually important for when you're doing your bits, gives you more brain space).

I also love popping into Clement & Pekoe, Frame cafe & print shop, Network cafe and Two Boys Brew. Anywhere that has good tunes and a nice space to work from and I'm there.

Why did you decide to move to New York?

To be honest I needed a year out more than I realised at the time. My initial decision was based on the fact that I was bored and unstimulated so I thought that New York would scare me into a new way of thinking and it did.

I had just finished an internship in Dublin and I had no immediate plans to progress into anything in Ireland at that time so I just bit the bullet. You could say that I was chasing something and New York was calling me. My gut told me to go and experience the culture, the diversity and just the NYC atmosphere. It has really set me up in life.

How do you block out negativity on social media?

I don't welcome it and never have so I think that pattern just stuck. I get the odd troll slide into my DMs, but if I were to collate all the messages they would read the same.

I get that some people are triggered by people who put and share so much of their life online but people who are negative towards you always have some deep-rooted issues. They may not even be conscious of it. I always say if someone serves you no purpose online, like literally nothing, then unfollow.

I mean, of course, do what you want but the more we practice the healthy unfollow strategy the better. Your social media should be a safe space for you to be creative, to connect with your friends and family and to discover the amazing content that is created throughout the world. That's how I use it.

If you could have lived in any other decade, which one would it be? 

I always say I would have loved the '20s but also the '70s and '80s for the music. The allure of the '20s, the prohibition just appeals to me. I'm a deep thinker and I love a good atmosphere so I would have slotted right in there I think.

What was the hardest part about leaving New York and coming back to Ireland?

The hardest part was realising that I had a whole new other chapter and life to set up. A new job, new house. I was really anxious about how I would adjust to it all but so far it has been amazing.

Goes to show that when you listen to your heart or gut or whatever prompts you, you'll be fine.

The second hardest part was saying goodbye to my absolutely amazing friends that have no immediate plans to leave. New York is what you make it but I can honestly say that the people I grew close with really made me so happy every day. You need to stick together over there and I made some really great new friends for life.

What inspires your style?

Everything. As annoying as that is, it's the truth. I take inspiration from the obvious things like past icons, models, art and music but I also could be pottering around town and I would see something that would spark a thought.

I get most of my inspiration from my friends and people I follow online. Right now, I'm obsessed with Elsa Hosk @hoskelsa, Jeanne Damas @jeannedamas and Sabina Socol @sabinasocol. They are channelling such sexy, feminine style.

Are there any other places you would love to move to in the future? 

I would love to go to Amsterdam or Paris for a while. From living in Williamsburg I’m really attracted to that small, neighbourhood vibe where going out to meet people and hanging out in local cafes/bars is part of your day. More of that, please.

Do you admire anyone in particular in the industry? 

My soul sister Tara and her strength, wisdom and passion for herself and her craft. My friend Edelle Kenny who is the fiercest, action-focused feline female I know, and such a talented photographer/videographer.

One of my closest friends Aoife Mangan who made a complete career move in the last year to follow her dream of working in PR. Another one of my best friends, Aoife Stapleton has made me really proud of her career progression and focus and belief in her craft.

A new friend and filmmaker Brendan Canty who I met in NYC, Brendan has a really infectious attitude and he's amazing at what he does. Christian Tierney, another friend I met over in NYC and an incredible photographer. I also recently found Mary-Kate Slattery on Instagram (@mkslattery) and she has grabbed my attention with her really powerful soul healing and protection vibes.

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You cannot leave the house without…

Earphones and my a-game (my a-game is the energy that I channel and manifest every day).

Did you learn anything about yourself while living in New York?

I learned how to love and believe in myself. Moving there completely changed my outlook on myself and my life and I’m so grateful I figured it all out. It’s crazy to think how much everyone needs to spend time by themselves to figure out what they really want from their life. It’s so easy for us to just float through, get sucked into the system and then be unhappy.

I am trying to focus on empowering people to do this with my Instagram platform. Spreading this message seems to be giving people hope and belief that they can also go and do what I did.

Whenever I put out these types of messages I always get so many people responding to me saying how much they needed to read it. We need to be selfish sometimes and breathe.

Everything takes time but it’s really worth putting time into figuring ourselves out and finding what makes us tick. Life is for living as cliche as that sounds and I really believe we should all be living it the way we really want to.

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