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The Styling Tricks You Need To Convince Yourself To Wear Jeans Again

Groundbreaking, we know.

It's been four glorious months of elasticated waistbands but now that restrictions have eased...perhaps it's time to slide into some denim.  

No matter how you describe your personal style, we put money on the fact that there's one outfit that you'll always rely on. It's ageless, always looks effortless, can be adapted for every fashion deposition and will work for a multitude of occasions. The headline already gave it away, but we are, of course, talking about jeans and nice tops.

It's the not-so-secret outfit formula that has been uttered across WhatsApp groups, Facebook groups and slack group chats, for years. It's the gift that keeps on giving, it's an outfit that knows no bounds, and the reasons it's so prolific is that it's versatile, easy and dependable. 

However, with such copious wear comes inevitable outfit boredom. How are you supposed to feel inspired about styling an outfit that has become the closest thing you have to a second skin?

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So, to ensure you’re squared away with a fresh set of jeans and a nice top outfit ideas, we've rounded up 9 new ways to wear a nice top with jeans. From this season's most popular denim-and-blazer look to a few interesting ways to layer cardigans, camisoles, turtlenecks and more, here's how to make your trusty outfit combo look fresh. 

two is better than one:

Wearing a bra as a nice top is nothing new. However, wearing a bra (preferably of the knitted variety) over an oversized white shirt is. Pair this combination with a pair of light denim straight leg jeans, a simple black mule or strappy heel and voila! you've made jeans and a nice top groundbreaking. 


The cardigan has made a huge comeback in recent years, but you only have to watch Brigitte Bardot films or Inst-stalk Parisian It Girls Jeanne Damas and Sabina Socol to see why. If you want to dress French, get a cardy and make it cropped.


When it comes to fail-safe outfit formulas, you just can’t beat jeans and blazer for most occasions. Well, except for maybe weddings. It's a simple, chic wardrobe fall-back that never lets us down and we wear the easy combo at least twice weekly. 


A dress over jeans feels incredibly high-concept but is quite simple to put together. Perfect for when you've slept in and have five minutes to get ready. 


Speaking from experience, I found that a short break—be it a few days or a week—was all I needed to reignite my denim fire. Give your denim jeans a break but before you grabbing for a razor to prep your legs for a mini skirt, allow me to introduce you to leather trousers. 

Heels Of hell

Something as simple as changing your choice of shoe can transform an outfit as simple as the jeans and nice top combo. While there's no doubt that heel hights are getting lower, why not skip them entirely and opt for a sensible yet chic loafer? 


This season, we’re taking even more inspiration from our underwear drawer as there's a new item that was once reserved for the bedroom making it's way out to the street: the corset. But to those of you who think the corset top trend sounds dauntingly unwearable or even downright inappropriate to wear outdoors, fret not—the corset bodices on the high street right now are far from what you might find in a lingerie drawer. Pair with jeans and a strappy sandal for a cute out-out look or wear over an oversized white shirt. 

skinny legend:

Believe it or not, skinny jeans have been given a style overhaul by a few Instagram influencers, and we love it. Whether it’s pairing them with of-the-moment knee-high boots or an oversized blazer (or both), these looks actually have me wanting to check my wardrobe to see if I still own a pair.


There's a lot of trends going on here; the oversized tote, the leather blazer, the chunky black boots – all of which come together to give jeans and a nice top a new meaning. 

Main image by @katiecung on Instagram

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