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The Jewellery Trends You're Going To See Everywhere This Season

It's time to fall back in love with jewellery.

Here's how to wear them.

There are some people who feel completely exposed without a necklace on, while rings are a necessity for many, and others can't live without a gold hoop. 

Yet, jewellery can sometimes feel like an afterthought. Whether you're an earring fanatic or never stepped away from that 90s bangle trend, jewellery is usually the last item we add to our looks. And more often than not, we skip it altogether. 

See, Jewellery trends are much harder to navigate. They're quieter than clothing trends and they can take a few seasons to truly stick. But this summer, jewellery has proven that it's just as necessary as your polka dot midi dress. 

While Summer is coming to a close, jewellery is still enjoying extra fun, extra colourful, extra "extra" revival. 

And thanks to Thomas Sabo and their latest collaboration with Rita Ora, the Great Jewels Renaissance is here to stay. 

Wearing jewellery is like magic, it glitters, radiates and gives energy. My Thomas Sabo campaign is meant to be the special power radiating from jewellery and to inspire women in creating personal looks full of vibrancy. - rITA ORA


Don't worry - the word "rainbow" can sound a bit overwhelming, but the pieces are of course tasteful and delicate, the kind of jewellery items worth investing in.

 Pendant Cross Colourful Stones, €498, Thomas Sabo

Gemstone Ring, €149, Thomas Sabo 

Colourful stone bracelet, €598, Thomas Sabo


Chains of all shapes and sizes are popping up everywhere from the runway to the new-arrival sections of fine jewellery designers all over the world. 

Circle Necklace, €598, Thomas Sabo

Link Ring, €298, Thomas Sabo

Iconic Necklace, €598, Thomas Sabo

Spare Change

Everything from necklaces to earrings and back again is taking the spare change of the world and turning it into quite the spectacle. Okay, maybe beautifully gold-engraved coins shouldn’t be associated with the word “spare,” but you get the picture.

Lucky Symbols Pendant, €698, Thomas Sabo

Vintage Compass Ring, €239, Thomas Sabo

Pendant Love, Faith & Hope, €129, Thomas Sabo

Main image by @ninasuess on Instagram

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