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The Lazy-Girl's Guide To A More Sustainable Wardrobe

All the consciousness, less of the effort
Rejina Pyo SS\'19

Sustainability has become something of a buzzword of late, and for good reason too.

From what we eat to the way we travel, how we shop and even what we wear is having a massive impact on the environment. We’re all aware of the effects of global warming but it’s a little harder to absorb the fact that each of us is contributing to it on a daily basis.

When it comes to fashion, it’s easy to brush off the message of sustainability. I mean we all need to wear clothes, right? Not all of us can afford to or have the means to only wear ethically made clothing.

With fast fashion at our fingertips and the constant bombardment of advertising, OOTDs and the ever-changing trends, it’s very easy to get caught up in the click-to-purchase on a discounted affiliate link or pick up a one-wear dress for an occasion.

However, there are some simple ways to make a difference without resorting to a closet full of hemp either...  Scroll on to see how even lazy-girls are doing it. 

 Shop Your Wardrobe

This may seem a little obvious, but working with what you already have is the first step to making a change in your shopping habits. There’s bound to be a handful of dresses you’ve only worn once or twice that can sure be cracked out again for another occasion.

Or if you’ve worn them to big events already and don’t fancy being papped in it again, look at ways to dress it down. Layer a t-shirt under it. Belt it, wear it with a jumper so it looks like a skirt.

Most of us have a tendency to hold on to the things we love or feel we can re-work another time so have a good rummage through your closet and pick out the gems you can’t let go of and start wearing them.

Take The #30Wears Test

A movement started by Eco-Age founder Livia Firth is a simple but effective one. The concept is to ask yourself before you buy an item if you’ll get #30Wears from the piece. 

You’ll most definitely get 30 wears from a good staple – a coat, a pair of jeans, a good quality t-shirt, a silk blouse. But less out of a sequin gown! Keep this front of mind even during sale times when it can be too easy to nab something you don’t need because it’s reduced.


If you’re really sick of shopping your wardrobe but don’t want to make a purchase, a great way to revive old items is to upcycle them. Find a good tailor and ask for their input.

Take one of your favourite dresses and turn it into a skirt, blouse or both! Check out Courtney Smith's Insta for some 'big upcycling energy' inspiration.

Get Thrifty

Not everyone is cut out for trawling through charity shops, which can sometimes resemble the wrong end of a sale. But if you know where and when to go for the best bargains, you can pick up some serious gems!

Sustainable Fashion Dublin @sustainablefashiondublin host regular Charity Shop Crawls giving tips on the best second-hand shops to hit up around Dublin as well as access to VIP stock before finishing the day with a cocktail! They also host Swap Shops and Alteration Classes throughout the year.

Shop the good stuff

Eco-fashion no longer means neutral-toned linens only; some of the coolest brands on the market are creating ethical, sustainable fashion.

On the catwalks, Stella McCartney has been at the forefront of the movement for years. But don’t think you have to be forking out designer prices to make a difference. There are plenty of cool, affordable brands making their mark for good. Some of our favourites include Mother of Pearl, who consistently deliver beautiful clothes without compromising on integrity and Cali cool-girl brand Reformation, whose sexy summer dresses have us drooling every year.

The IT sneaker brand of the moment, Veja forgoes traditional advertising methods in order to increase the costs of production to allow for ethical and sustainable processes and materials.

V10 Sneakers, €120, VEJA

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