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That Cool Girl Leather Blazer That's Been All Over Your Instagram Feed? We've Tracked It Down

Joey Tribbiani called. He wants his jacket back.

The perfect transitional jacket does not exis-(t)

Pack up your puffers, store away your parkas and send your wool coats to the dry cleaners — spring is here. We know, we know, the weather outside is still pretty frightful, but instead of letting the winter blues drag us down, we're drooling over all the springtime outfits on our Instagram feeds. 

And throughout our hours of scrolling, we've noticed something: everyone we follow is wearing a leather blazer. More shapely than a leather jacket and tougher than a corporate-esque black blazer, we've seen the style on everyone from Hailey Bieber to Kaia Gerber. And while their choice of leather blazer comes from the kinds of designers we can only ever imagine seeing – let alone owning – Insta-cool-girls seem to have found a high street dupe. That, or they earn a lot more than I had ever anticipated. 

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Lucky for you, it's the former and if there's one thing I'm good at; it's spotting a particular fashion piece doing the rounds on Instagram and finding out where and how to buy it. My most recent accomplishments were discovering the fashion brand that every fashion 'it' girl owns at least three dresses and a wrap skirt from. There was also discovering the gold dainty hoops that Bella Hadid can not stop wearing and only recently it was the head-to-toe puffer you need on a day like today. 

This time, though, my latest discovery isn't by a high-end designer that you could only ever dream of owning, but rather a high-street store you've almost definitely already spent your entire paycheck in many times before. Well, prepare to do so again because Zara has designed a black leather blazer so perfect, I think I'm dreaming. 

The one in question is €59.95, but that hasn’t stopped it selling out faster than a One Direction reunion tour. In fact, it's sold out right now but we have it on good authority that it's being restocked very soon.

Faux Leather Blazer, €59.95, Zara

This is the one that's been all over your feed - and it's easy to see why. A reasonable €59.95 price-tag, a loose-fit with lapel collar, front buttons and a back vent. Not to mention the fact it has pockets. We're seeing it paired with everything from jeans and a t-shirt to hoodies and knee-high boots. 

It comes in sizes S to XL  and because it’s a bargain compared to my usual Instagram finds, you need to set a 'remind me when this is in stock' notification immediately if you want to get your hands on it.

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