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All Of The Accessories We Hope The Lizzie McGuire Reboot Brings Back

Loud and proud was always Lizzie MO and we hope her grown-up self will be any different.

This really is what dreams are made of.

Over the weekend, it was announced that Hilary Duff would reprise her role as Lizzie McGuire in a series reboot for the network's new streaming service, Disney+ and it got us thinking about what it was that our 2000's-selves loved so much about the show. 

Sure, the Disney Channel series was witty and fun (well worth a rewatch if you haven't already done so), and Lizzie and her BFF Miranda were dorky, sweet and really relateable, but over anything else, it represented true Noughties fashion.

While the plot for the new Lizzie McGuire reboot is still top secret, we do know a few preliminary details ahead of the premiere - during a Good Morning America interview, Hilary Duff teased about her character's modern life, including her career, partner's job, and life in New York City.

The actor said: "Right now, her life is framed pretty perfectly. She has her dream job — she's an apprentice to an interior designer who is a pretty big deal, she has a gorgeous fiancé who is a chef at this cool SoHo restaurant, she has a cute little apartment in Brooklyn, and everything is going her way."

So, to celebrate the return of Lizzie and her now grown-up cartooned-self (and indulge ourselves a little), below are some of the peak 2000's accessories we hope to get reinvented in the Disney+ reboot. 

Then: Butterfly Clips 

If there was one accessory that summed it the entire Noughties series, it would have to be glittery butterfly clips. Bonus points too, if paired with a twisted, half updo look. 

Now: Clashing Barrettes 

Now in her 30s, we predict her tastes will have matured a little, so Lizzie – still a fan of an extra hair embellishment – might sport multiple barrettes in varying shapes and colours. 

Assorted metal hair clips with pearl beads and acetate, €12.95, Zara - SHOP

Then: Metalic hairbands 

Lizzie never shied away from letting her quirky flag fly and wearing shiny, sparkly hairbands (with accompanying side buns) was one of her faves.  

Now: Statement hairbands

Super on-trend and the perfect way to dress up any outfit, we can totally see 30-year old Lizzie rocking an Alice and Blair band on date-nights with her foodie fiancé.

 Royal Blue Headband, €75, Alice and Blair - SHOP 

THen: High-impact clip-in hair extensions

Red streaks one week, purple the next, the prop room for the series must have looked like a rainbow.

NOW: Cute Coloured Scarves

In 2019, if Lizzie or Miranda want to add a pop of extra colour to a pony or top knot, we think they'd opt for a ditsy printed scarf (clashing, obvs). 

Ditsy floral headscarf/neckerchief, €11.06, ASOS - SHOP 

THEN: Bandanas 

Matchy-matchy head-to-toe looks were right up Lizzie's sartorial street and when she chose a colour theme, she stuck. to. it. Bandanas were yet another vehicle to show her commitment to the shade. 

Now: Still Bandanas 

We've long been persuaded on the influencer-approved appeal of a bandana since seeing Monikh wearing one and with labels as popular as  Faithful the Brand doing it, you know its back for the right reasons. 

THEN: Pom-pom hair ties

Okay, more Miranda than Lizzie, but the series, in general, was a big champion of the fluffy pom-pom hair tie. 

Now: Silk Bunny Hair Ties 

More current and capable of damaging your hair, these silk iterations are perfect for all grown-up Lizzie and company. 

Bunny Scrunchies (pack of three), €52.45, Slip Silk - SHOP 

Motion to all be a bit more Lizzie in 2019? 

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