Images are the backbone of what  Lorna Claire Weightman (@styleisleirl) does; a good image is what underpins her life as a fashion stylist and blogger. And she would know: with 20,5k followers, Lorna's account is a goldmine of gorgeous candid shots, stunning outfit-of-the-days posts and beautiful vacation memories. Her secret? It's actually more of a secret weapon...

Since I began using the P20 Pro, how I capture those images has changed completely. I no longer have to carry a DSLR camera with me to fashion week or to take my daily outfit shots and videos.

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The Leica Triple Lens camera offers the functionality of a professional camera within my phone so when I feel inspired to take a picture, in the moment; I now have a tool that provides a magazine quality shot. I use the Portrait and Aperture settings the most, they create the perfect level of depth of field married with acute detail when I
shoot outfits and beauty imagery.

I love to bring my followers into my images, to allow them to almost feel the fabric and interpret my style story. The lens AI function, that changes the settings to suit your subject, means I have less colour and exposure editing to do in postproduction.
The P20 Pro has that covered, as well has having an exceptional battery life. When
attending events or fashion weeks I want to capture as much content as I can without having to seek out a charging point for my phone. The P20 lasts me all day and only takes about 30 minutes for a full charge.

As I run my business from my phone, it’s paramount that my phone can take
me from morning meetings, to photoshoots, to editing and answering emails. I use the Huawei Cloud Storage to automatically back up all my images, documents and contacts to have a secure place to store my data that I can download at any time.

In my personal life, the Huawei P20 Pro has created so many memories for
me; sunsets in Ibiza, sunrises over Amsterdam, a glittering Eiffel Tower at night, selfies with the celebrities I have met through my job and even meeting my friend’s new babies for the first time. Images to me are a method of reflection as well being part of my working life and are something to treasure.